Power Health My diet Gum - Cut snacking

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Power Health My diet Gum - Cut snacking


"Clever" gum with green coffee , green tea and chromium

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Do not .. pinch to the temptations!

When they ask you if you stay true to your diet ... do not chew !

Say yes , because my diet gum gum will keep you from snacking and from the extra pounds you load from small sweets, snacks etc that all know how "obesity-leading" are.

It is a new , innovative form of chewing gum with two active layers to ensure maximum absorption of the active ingredients in the first five minutes of chewing.

Chewing the my diet gum, for 5 minutes only, reduces your tendency to snack and sweets , while stimulating your metabolism .

The smart and natural way to ''save'' calories and pounds!

Active ingredients: Green Coffee Extract ( 45 % in CGA - chlorogenic acid ) 85 mg, Green Tea Extract 10 mg, 30 mg Chromium .

Each gum yields: Green coffee extract ( 45 % in CGA - chlorogenic acid ) 85mg, Green Tea Extract 10mg, 30mg Chromium ( 67 % RDA * ) . * RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance

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