Simoun Chalaoua 60gr - Chalaoua Waxing and peeling that lasts

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Simoun Chalaoua 60gr - Chalaoua Waxing and peeling that lasts

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Weight60 gr
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Old Time Classic!
The No.1 chalaoua preferences of modern women for many years!
With excellent and stable quality, pure, natural ingredients with modern packaging and unbeatable price, chalaoua Simoun has managed to create a loyal consumers.
Your offer within minutes radical long-term hair removal.
Weakens the hair from the root and gradually dilutes and reduces hair growth.
Removes dead skin cells leaving it smooth and soft as silk for more than three weeks.
He sticks to the hair and not the skin, so the chalaoua hurts less and is more effective than the wax.
Available in 60gr packaging and simply rinsed with lukewarm water.
It can be used throughout the body, even the most sensitive points.
It is the most economical method of hair removal.
1) Immerse the chalaoua with plastic bag in hot water until smooth.
2) Remove the plastic bag and shape it, pulling and folding it with your fingers until it turns white (1-2 minutes).
3) The spread with thumbs in the area you wish to treat in the direction of hair growth
4) Stretch the skin with one hand and with the other pull the chalaoua sharply in the opposite direction of hair growth
5) At the end of hair removal, rinse with water and spread the moisturizing body milk SIMOUN Daily Softness for hydration of the skin relief from any irritation and hair reduction by 35%.
* To remove the chalaoua the bag easily without sticking, simply pull it sharply. ** Keep your hands a little fresh for not sticking chalaoua fingers. *** Wants a little practice, but when you learn epilation is game!

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