K-Link Kinotakara "the miracle of the woods" 10 patches - "The forest treasure" eliminate the body from heavy metals

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K-Link Kinotakara "the miracle of the woods" 10 patches - "The forest treasure" eliminate the body from heavy metals

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KINOTAKARA is the latest physiotherapeutic health care product in the world. It reflects the perseverance of Japanese medical exponents, to discover ways to help the general public achieve wellness and pursue a healthy lifestyle. KINOTAKARA provides a natural way to improve our well being, while giving people an alternative to alleviate diseases and maintain better health. KINOTAKARA is best placed under one’s sole, because it has more than 60 acupuncture points out of over 360 distributed over the human body. Both Western and Eastern medical experts view the sole as the area that reflects the health of our internal organs, and often treat it as our second heart. This explains why many of us want to have a foot massage, as the exercise eases the nerves, enhances blood circulation and consequently promotes health. When KINOTAKARA is placed under your sole or on other parts of the body, it will absorb excess water and harmful waste out of the body, and subsequently help to relieve pain and swellings. KINOTAKARA, when applied to the skin over many hours, (preferably up to twelve hours, for maximum benefit) becomes wet with dark colored substances. This dark-colored substance is the harmful waste from the body. The darker color reflects an unhealthy state of the body. As the harmful waste is excreted from the body, the pain and swellings of the body is eased. The pain is relieved when KINOTAKARA turns lighter in color or becomes less wet. KINOTAKARA foot care sheet produces plenty of negative ions and effectively neutralizes positive ions. By sticking it directly onto the soles, brings about lots of health benefits. In particular, it could make our nerves more vigorous as well as helping to eliminate muscle tension and pressure. Other health benefits of negative ions: • Enhances metabolism and slows down the ageing process • Activates cells, improves immunity, eases pain and relieves tiredness • Enhances blood circulation

Pad Comparison and Ingredients Following, are the reasons, why Kinotakara is by far, the best foot pad product in the World: 1. Foot Pad Comparisons: Kinotakara gives you the ideal amount of negatively charged ions, which have been digitally tested by an advanced ion tester. Between 1,200 and 1,300 ions is the most beneficial range, as determined through extensive testing. Foot Pads Negative Ions Kinotakara 1286 Bio-Detox 3 Body and Sole 0 Body pure 9 Chi 0 Kino Tox 3 Lymphatic 15 Netterumani 0 Shu-li 12 Takara 3 Tree chi 3 The negative ion readings above are a good indicator as to why Kinotakara is simply a superior foot pad product. Negative ion readings are very important. When the negative ion readings are low, a very important step in processing the pads has been skipped. Pads with low ion readings have not been produced in the type of sterile negative ion environment that Kinotakara is produced in. This very expensive but critical process is necessary to ensure the amazing results achieved by consumers of this product 2. Kinotakara uses only the best double distilled wood vinegar that is recommended by the Wood Vinegar Energy Association of Japan: Dr. Takao Masushita, Director of the Wood Vinegar Energy Association of Japan, has learned over the years, the secret to processing and utilizing the highest grade wood vinegar material. With more than 26 years of research and development, it was discovered that the wood vinegar essence found in the Oak, Beech, Sakura and special Bamboo trees was more potent and worked more effectively than any other available tree source.

3. Tourmaline: The quality of the tourmaline is one of the determining factors in how well the pads work. Kinotakara contains an exceptional source of Brazilian tourmaline that has very high energy and frequency levels. This is a contributing factor as to why people feel so good after wearing the Kinotakara pads, night after night, as it enhances blood circulation. 4. Glycolic Acid: Kinotakara may be the only foot pad product, to utilize this approved and excellent exfoliate... to help release the old dead skin, which allows the pores to let the lymphatic fluid flow better. 5. Dextrin: With 50% dextrin in the Kinotakara formulation, more lymphatic fluids are retained by the pads and less fluid is reabsorbed back into the feet. After removing the pads, wash your feet with water. 6. Pearl Powder: A form of volcanic substance, pearl powder is added for its anti-gravity and absorption qualities. 7. Chitosan: Obtained from the shell of special crab, containing water-soluble molecules, it is known for its characteristics of rejuvenation and inducing warmth. 8. Pure Silica: A high quality siliceous sponge possessing a great, radical-free circulation function. The combination of all the ingredients, together with the sterile negative ion environment in which they are produced, gives Kinotakara its unique and unparalleled success. Not one of the ingredients in Kinotakara is the most important... it takes all of the ingredients together, to form this remarkable product. Synergistically, Kinotakara is the ultimate foot pad product... even Dr. Takao Masushita, the founder of Kinotakara and Director of the Wood Vinegar Energy Association of Japan, doesn't believe the product could be put together better.

1. How often should you use the Kinotakara packets? Once a person has used Kinotakara for 30 days in a row at the beginning, a maintenance program could be considered 1 week on, 1 week off, 1 week on, 1 week off. Using the pads 15 days a month is a good recommendation, and this would equal 3 boxes a month.
2. How long have Americans been using this product? Since October of 2002.
3. Are there any long term effects that you are aware of? No long term bad effects have been reported...only good ones.
4. Is Kinotakara safe? Yes The Kinotakara packets are ALL NATURAL and CERTIFIED SAFE by SIRIM Malaysia and PSB Singapore. There are however, two precautions about using Kinotakara: 1. People who are allergic to shell fish should not use them. 2. Kinotakara packets should not be placed directly over an open cut or sore 5. Do you know anyone who has been using the pads for a long period of time? Yes many people have used Kinotakara for a long period of time, and they are very glad to have the pads available in North America. They are now available in over 63 countries worldwide 6. Why does Kinotakara work better than the other foot pad products? It’s true that most foot pad products get soiled to some extent, however Kinotakara has a special energy the other pads don’t have. It is this specialized energy, through the combination and specific quantities of high quality ingredients as well as the sterile negative ion environment in which they are manufactured, that helps people feel so good and which truly makes Kinotakara the best foot pad product in the World. 7. How stable is K-Link? K-Link is a stable company that is doing very well in over 63 countries. K-Link has been in the network marketing business since November of 2000 and is growing at a fairly fast rate. 8. Has the Kinotakara product ever changed? Only once, in December of 2002, when K-Link made the pads bigger for the American feet... other than that... KLink's product, Kinotakara, has not changed. The manufacturer has not changed and no other company gets their raw material from the K-Link manufacturer. Only K-Link has the exclusive rights to Kinotakara worldwide (excluding Japan).

Directions for use: Kinotakara is best placed under one's soles. Both the western and eastern studies view the sole as an area that reflects the wellness of the body and often treat it as our "second heart." Most of us would like to have the health benefits of a foot massage; the problem is that they require the time as well as someone else who is willing and able to do the massage ... which is not always convenient. Now, with Kinotakara placed under your sole, the packets help awaken your body, mind and spirit to a healthier, happier and more energized you. With Kinotakara we can now live life to its maximum and this unique product is very easy to use. Step-1 First, remove the larger piece from the adhesive. Evenly distribute the ingredients in the packet (break up any small clumps). Step-2 Then place the packet onto adhesive center. Make sure the words on the packet are facing down. Make sure the ingredients in the packet are evenly distributed. Step-3 Place the prepared packet on the floor with the adhesive side facing up. Step-4 Step onto the pad.

Step-5 Stretch the adhesive around your feet so that the pad is making good contact with the skin on all parts of the packet. Step-6 You can wear a sock over the Kinotakara if you wish. Also try to leave it on for the full 12 hours if possible. You can walk around the house with the packet attached to your feet. For Best results: attach the packets a few hours before sleeping. Step-7 Allow 8 to 12 hours before removing. In such a short time, Kinotakara has already made its mark in Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries. Today, all walks of life are using Kinotakara to help achieve unparalleled heights of wellness.

10 patches.

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K-Link Kinotakara "the miracle of the woods" 10 patches - "The forest treasure" eliminate the body from heavy metals

K-Link Kinotakara "the miracle of the woods" 10 patches - "The forest treasure" eliminate the body from heavy metals

K-Link Kinotakara "the miracle of the woods" 10 patches - "The forest treasure" eliminate the body from heavy metals

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