Walmark Prostenal Control for Healthy Prostate & Sexual Function 30tabs - For Healthy Prostate & Sexual Fitness

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Walmark Prostenal Control for Healthy Prostate & Sexual Function 30tabs - For Healthy Prostate & Sexual Fitness

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Have you gone 50 and worried about your prostate?

With the new Prostenal Control you can control yourself. You can increase your vitality and strength, stay in the game. For you that you do not put down, you are fighting and you want to stay so strong there is the new Prostenal Control.

Prostenal Control works in two different ways.

Significantly reduces immediate prostate-related problems such as urinary frequency, nocturia, tingling, intermittent urination or dropping, etc.
It increases vitality and muscle strength and greatly helps fertility and manhood.
Prostenal Control helps you adjust your hormones to have a healthy prostate and normal urination and also increase your sexual capacity.

I rely on Prostenal Control and enjoyed your life in full without compromise.

It is a completely natural product with innovative synthesis with special benefits in strength, strength, and sexual ability without side effects.

Its excellent quality combined with increased tablet content and very low price make it very affordable for everyone.

Dosage: One tablet per day.

Tablet contains: Saw palmetto 320mg, Urtica dioica 240mg, Tribulus terrestris 100mg, Zinc 10mg, B6 1,4mg, D3 10μg

I also count on Protenal Control's proven care and enjoy all your skills. Let others wonder.

Now it's time to take control of your hands and enjoy the best version of yourself.

Prostenal Control: Freedom and better sexual capacity.


SAW PALMETTO: rich source of β-sitosterol, ethyl esters and free fatty acids. Significant improvement in the symptoms of Prostate Hyperplasia (CAB): improvement in residual urine volume (50% reduction), nocturia (54% reduction) and polyuria (37% decrease), pain reduction in urination (from 75% to 37%).

Reduces prostate growth by inhibiting DHT binding to androgen receptors by inhibiting 5-α-reductase and by interfering with the intrapathic estrogen receptor test shows a significant 50% reduction in DHT concentration and a significant increase in testosterone levels by 125%.

STINGING NETTLE: Rich source of phytosterols, lignans and polysaccharides. Promotes proper functioning of the urinary system and kidneys. Relieves the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, such as I-PSS, reduces serum PSA levels and prostate size and increases Qmax.

TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS: Supports sexual mood, protects the heart and naturally improves human performance. Studies have confirmed the increase in sexual well-being and erectile function.

ZINC: Helps maintain normal levels of testosterone in the blood and plays an important role in the development and normal functioning of the prostate, including fertility and reproduction.

VITAMIN B6: It contributes to normal metabolism and increase energy as well as to reduce fatigue. It also helps regulate hormones.

VITAMIN D3: It plays an important role in the process of cell division and contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.


The combination of SAW Palmetto and URTICA DIOICA offers greater efficiency in the treatment of CAB.

 Men treated with the combination of Saw palmetto (160 mg) and Urtica dioica (120 mg) administered twice a day reported a significant improvement in the symptoms of BPH, decreased the I-PSS score, and the maximum and mean urine flow rate and decreased residual urine volume.

Comparing the results of various clinical trials, Saw palmetto and Urtica dioica extract are as effective in reducing the symptoms of BPH as a 5-α reductase inhibitor and a DHT transport protein inhibitor with a very limited impact on sexual function, which is significantly affected by all other medicines used to treat COPD.


Because of the first clinical trial focused on improving CAB and sexual dysfunction, Saw palmetto therapy is effective in reducing CYP symptoms as a 5-α reductase inhibitor, but unlike other therapies, Saw palmetto is also associated with improved sexual dysfunctions. The authors of this study consider Saw palmetto to be the first-line treatment for patients with mild and moderate CYP symptoms.

In a recently conducted clinical trial in men with mild to moderate sexual dysfunction treated with Tribulus terrestris, the results showed a significant improvement in sexual function, including Satisfaction with Sexual Activity, Oral Function, Sexual Desire, and Total Satisfaction.


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Walmark Prostenal Control for Healthy Prostate & Sexual Function 30tabs - For Healthy Prostate & Sexual Fitness

Walmark Prostenal Control for Healthy Prostate & Sexual Function 30tabs - For Healthy Prostate & Sexual Fitness

Walmark Prostenal Control for Healthy Prostate & Sexual Function 30tabs - For Healthy Prostate & Sexual Fitness

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