Herbal Nature Lemon Balm (Melissa tincture) 50ml - Melissa officinalis tincture

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Herbal Nature Lemon Balm (Melissa tincture) 50ml - Melissa officinalis tincture

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Bottles are derived from immersing an herb in an alcoholic solution (usually pure alcohol) for a period of 4-6 weeks. During this time, the active ingredients of the herb are dissolved in the alcoholic solution, resulting in the formation of the wax. The teas are much more drastic than flukes and infusions.

Melissa officinalis (Melissa officinalis) contains the same active ingredients as the dried herb Melissa. Bee-eater seems to be a herb with many uses - clinical studies identify its more and more properties. In modern herbal therapy, Melissa is mainly used to treat nervous system disorders as well as prevent ulceration. Apricot is anxiolytic (it has antidepressant action) and a mild sedative. Consumption helps to overcome anxiety and hypertension, while being effective in insomnia. Clinical studies have shown that this action is predominantly due to rosmarinic acid containing the herb (and not to the essential oils as many claim). Recent systematic research on students showed that Melissa consumption reduced significantly stress during examinations - leading to better concentration and performance (up to 6 hours after consumption). With regard to the use of Melissa for the treatment of gastrointestinal complaints, studies have shown that its consumption protects against ulcers. In particular, Melissotrous consumption has been shown to increase the secretion of prostaglandin E2 (prostaglandin E2) and mucin by the body and to reduce acid secretion.

The beehive has a strong antioxidant effect and moderate antibacterial effect. External use (in the form of cream) helps in the treatment of herpes simplex. In recent years, clinical research has been conducted on the positive effect of herb consumption on thyroid regulation and on HIV-1 treatment. However - as no definitive conclusions have been drawn yet - people with thyroid medication (eg thyroxine) should avoid eating.

The tins keep all the active ingredients of the herb, they are very simple to take and absolutely natural. They undoubtedly outweigh pills in the form of pills, as they contain no chemicals and preservatives and are much more efficiently absorbed by the body.

The bottles of botanicals are very active and should therefore be consumed according to their instructions. The usual dosage is 1ml (about 40 drops a day). They should not be consumed during pregnancy and lactation.

All bottles of bottles offered by Zachos pharmacy are manufactured in the Netherlands under the strictest European specifications and based on the requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


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