Nuk Classic Teat 0-6M Medium Silicone 1piece - Orthodontic Effect In A Natural Way

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Nuk Classic Teat 0-6M Medium Silicone 1piece - Orthodontic Effect In A Natural Way

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Orthodontic effect in a natural way

Mother's nipple changes shape during breastfeeding. It adapts to baby's mouth, allowing optimal food intake and providing the best practice for jaws, palate, tongue and lips.

First of all, NUK designed a teat shape based on the orthodontic shape of the nipple during maternal nursing.

The NUK anti-colic air escape system compensates for pressure on the teat, reducing the risk of colic occurring when the baby swallows air.

Feeding hole sizes: S = Small feeder for thin fluids such as breast milk, tea or water, M = Medium milk feeder hole, L = Large feed hole for thicker food 

The medical base behind this product was developed by two dentists, Professor Balters and Dr Müller. They first observed that the mother's nipple changes shape during breastfeeding and that only this way the optimal resonance in the baby's mouth is achieved. This particular, asymmetrical shape has been the standard for all NUK nipples until today.

The mouth plays a key role in the overall healthy development of your child. Breathing, nourishment, sensory perception - all this requires perfect coordination between the jaws, the tongue and the lips. Breastfeeding is the best possible training for these post-natal functions. Breastfeeding, the baby learns to coordinate his movements, strengthens his muscles and prepares his mouth for his later duties - teething, chewing and, of course, speech.

The template
The shape of the female nipple during breastfeeding

The NUK scheme
Physical mechanism of taking milk just like in breastfeeding

Perfect Training Perfectly coordinate jaws, palate, tongue and lips

The NUK orthodontic teat was developed based on this knowledge. Even if you stop breastfeeding, this teat supports the development of your child in the most natural way.


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