Femcup (Fem cup) Menstrual blood collector 1piece

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Femcup (Fem cup) Menstrual blood collector 1piece
 The most practical solution to the difficult days of the month

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Safety and hygiene

The femcup provides maximum leakage preventing menstruation garnering the most practical and healthy way , it does not contain synthetic chemicals , additives or bleach , so there is no risk of contamination or health problem .Conversely helps reduce menstrual , swelling and cramps , allowing the bay to function normally keeping vaginal walls moist to protect them from contamination and any injuries .


The femcup able to absorb more liquid three times compared to sanitary napkins and tampons. After loading can be worn safely and without leaks up to 12 hours. No need to carry with your accessories , never worry about leakages.Also you do not have to worry about health issues because  you have not changed on time a napkin or tampon .


Worry no more since femcup came to make your sleep more calm , more sweet and delightful !

Sports without concern

The femcup is ideal for sports , dancing , swimming , any hobbies and carefree activity.

You can participate in your favorite activities without fear of leaks.

The strong and thick wall of silicone is absolutely binding menstrual fluid in the cup so the vaginal walls and other tissues do not come into contact with it thus preventing the best way to emerge unpleasant odors .


The femcup has a shelf life of four to five years.

Over a similar time a female spends 400 € to 500 € for sanitary napkins or tampons.

A woman will use 12,000 to 16,000 tampons or pads in her life.

The use of femcup instead of common sanitary napkins and tampons reduced waste disposal in landfills or those that block the drainage system and end up on our beaches without being able to biodegrade .

The construction of tampon and sanitary means using non-organic cotton and synthetic material made ​​of a small amount of wood that is cut for this reason .These materials are chemically treated thereby increasing the infection , while the extra power required for these unnecessary steps has resulted in increased emissions of carbon dioxide CO2 in the atmosphere.


The femcup will be found in two sizes.

Take care in selecting the proper size to use in accordance with the following information.

SIZE A. Container smaller size is recommended for women who have given birth .
SIZE B. Container larger for women who have given birth .

Dimensions table .

Diameter 42mm 46mm

Length 52mm 55mm

Length 15mm 16mm

Bezel Cup Volume

24ml 28ml

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Femcup (Fem cup) Menstrual blood collector 1piece

Femcup (Fem cup) Menstrual blood collector 1piece

Femcup (Fem cup) Menstrual blood collector 1piece
 The most practical solution to the difficult days of the month

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