Nikoma Nasaline junior nasal wash system for children 1piece

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Nikoma Nasaline junior nasal wash system for children 1piece

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What is the Nasaline nasal wash system for children:

Nasaline is a unique, patented, natural, drug-free nasal wash system for nasal decongestion, designed by a group of Swedish otolaryngologists. The Nasaline effectively removes unwanted mucous secretions, and any allergens from the nasal cavity.

After extended periods in dry, dusty or smoky atmosphere, clean and clogs up the nasal passages, reducing nasal irritation and hydrating mucous factors.

The Nasaline helps in effective and safe relief of various ailments and rinokolpikon used:Rhinitis (allergic, chronic etc.)sinusitis, Postoperative treatment (diaphragm, niches, rhinoplasty, polyps).

Before the use of nasal drugs (such sprays and drops) - In common cold - Decongestion without drugs (and during pregnancy) - Prevention of infections of the nasal cavity.

Who can use the Nasaline;

Anyone can use safely Nasaline, unless specific medical advice. Children can also use the Nasaline Junior, on medical advice. We recommend the use of Nasaline Junior, for children from 4-12 years.

What constitutes the Nasaline;

The Nasaline consists of two parts: a syringe, and a silicone tip attached to the tip of the syringe. The silicone tip is designed for direct contact with the skin and apply in such a way as to completely seal the nostril.

The channel inside the tip, has an hourglass shape, thereby producing a slight swirling flow when the solution enters the nasal cavity.

Advantages of Nasaline:
It is a complete wash and not a spraying - nebule. A  wide wash of the nasal cavity.Full control of the pressure-flow , resulting in maximum comfort and efficiency, according to the specifics, needs and uniqueness of each.

The solution exiting the other nostril, without swallowing the solution and the mucus.Use lukewarm solution which best liquefies mucus, it does not cause vasoconstriction in order to have a greater surface washing effect which is better for cleaning pollen, dust, etc.

The backward leakage from the nostril is prohibited (Backwash).

Options Isotonic or hypertonic solution. Long wash. Suitable for long term. No side effects and addiction. Economical and versatile. Without additives or propellants.

Does not cause dryness of the mucosa.

Nasaline instructions:

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Nikoma Nasaline junior nasal wash system for children 1piece

Nikoma Nasaline junior nasal wash system for children 1piece

Nikoma Nasaline junior nasal wash system for children 1piece

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