Ethereal Nature Olive Squalene 30ml - acts as a natural moisturizing agent

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Ethereal Nature Olive Squalene 30ml - acts as a natural moisturizing agent

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Squalane is an oily liquid and one of the most important lipids produced in human cells and tissues. It acts as a natural moisturizing agent and as a "supplier" of oxygen to the human epidermis.

Squalane is found in large quantities in the liver of sharks living in deep waters and in specific plants such as olives, amaranth, rice and wheat. The first-virgin olive oil contains about 400-450 mg / 100g of Squalane. Several scientists believe that the longevity and relatively low rates of cardiovascular diseases of the Mediterranean peoples are due - as a percentage - to the increased consumption of Squalane through olive oil. Squalane is thought to have strong antioxidant properties, boosting the immune system and significantly improving cell oxygenation.

Olive Squalane is considered to have multiple benefits for the epidermis. It is strong moisturizer, improves the texture of the skin and has strong tonic action. It contributes decisively to the maintenance of natural moisture, absorbs very easily and reaches the deepest layers of the skin, reduces the intensity and wrinkle formation and helps to repair wounds of the epidermis.

Olive Squalane can be used alone (3-5 drops sufficient for the entire face) or as an active ingredient in serum, anti-aging creams, eye creams and lip care products. You will find it often in anti-acne and dermatophyte products as well as in sensitive skin care products. As a cosmetic ingredient it is usually used at 3-5%.

Olive Squalane that we provide to you does not contain any chemical ingredients or additives. It is clear, odorless and oil-soluble. It is 100% vegetable and the minimum guaranteed content of Squalane is 93.0% (it may contain up to 7.0% olive oil). It is exclusively exported from olive oil of Mediterranean origin and is considered one of the best currently available on the world market.


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