Ethereal Nature Shea Butter (Karite butter) in 100gr version

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Ethereal Nature Shea Butter (Karite butter) in 100gr version

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Shea Butter (source wiki) comes from the cultivation of the fruits of the Vitellaria Paradoxa tree, which is found in West and Central Africa. The tree begins to produce fruit, which resembles large plums when it reaches the age of 10-15 years. Shea butter seems to have been known since the time of Ancient Egypt, as there are texts that refer to caravan transport. Its name comes from the Senegalese word ghariti which describes the tree and which in French was given as "karité".

Shea butter consists of 5 vegetable fatty acids, with Stearic Acid and Oleic Acid fat representing 85-90% of its composition. Its high content of vegetable fat, gives the shea butter amazing moisturizing properties. Its use increases skin elasticity and helps maintain natural moisture. Butter Kite is particularly rich in Phenolic compounds, which we know to have strong antioxidant activity. Of the 10 phenolic substances containing Shea butter, 7 are catechins, which are also found in Green Tea. Catechins are thought to increase the skin's defense against external conditions such as contamination and solar radiation, while at the same time acting as anti-aging agents as they fight free radicals. Shea Butter contains vitamins E and A, which have antimicrobial action and are precious allies of the skin in the treatment of irritations, infections and eczema.

Shea Butter is "steady" at room temperature (up to 25C). However, it melts immediately when it comes in contact with the skin and gives it immediate, profound and effective hydration. When used to make soaps, Butter Carette is an amazing product that offers rich soft foam.

The shea butter we offer is processed and filtered, 100% pure and contains no chemicals.
It is used to make homemade or non-creams and cosmetics.

Shea Butter: There are 2 types of packaging and will be shifted to your order shipment depending on availability.

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Ethereal Nature Shea Butter (Karite butter) in 100gr version

Ethereal Nature Shea Butter (Karite butter) in 100gr version

Ethereal Nature Shea Butter (Karite butter) in 100gr version

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