Cacao butter 100gr - Cocoa Butter

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Cacao butter 100gr - Cocoa Butter

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The Cocoa Butter (Cacao Butter) (source Wiki) derived from processing of seeds of the plant Theobroma cacao, known in Greece as cacao. There is historical evidence that the cocoa beans used since 1900 BC , and the name comes from the word cacahuatl, which describe the plant Aztecs.

Cocoa butter was practically used from 1828 , when the Dutch Casparus van Houten invented a hydraulic press for the extraction of butter from roasted seeds.

Today Cocoa Butter is used by both the chocolate industry , and the industries of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
The Cocoa Butter is known for its antioxidant properties as it contains Vitamin E.It is still best known for its effectiveness in the treatment of stretch marks , scars , the " discoloration " skin , dark eye circles and wrinkles , as well as the high content in Vitamin K (7 mcg per 28g . ) Gives the powerful " healing " properties.

The Cocoa Butter is ideal for dry , tired and " aged in " skin , as it has strong moisturizing action .This is due to the fact that it consists of 100 % vegetable fat and contains protein and carbohydrates. Softens the skin and improves elasticity.

Cocoa butter is " solid " at room temperature. Nevertheless " melts " immediately upon contact with the skin and gives direct , deep and effective hydration. When used in the manufacture of soaps , cocoa butter is a great product ( even in " participation " only 5 %) which gives a rich lather and " hardens " the bar of soap .


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Cacao butter 100gr - Cocoa Butter

Cacao butter 100gr - Cocoa Butter

Cacao butter 100gr - Cocoa Butter

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