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BDF Lion Capsaicin patch 4,8mg 1piece (12x18cm) - The classical value with capsaicin

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BDF Lion Capsaicin patch 4,8mg 1piece (12x18cm) - The classical value with capsaicin 

The classic patch for years

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Pieces1 patch (12 x 18cm)

Painkiller patch for the treatment of muscular aches e.g. backache.With dual mode of action: 1 ) painkiller action of capsaicin

2 ) Intense heat action provides continuous relief from :Muscle pains , caused by eg :- overwork- Sudden movements- Weight lifting Holds or colds, caused by eg :- cold- flows. Muscle pain in the back. Low back pain- Is non - greasy, fragrance-freeis flexible and adapts easily to body movements- Sticks firmly without additional fixation- Easily removable without leaving residue- Is a thin discreet under clothing.

USE : The LEONTOS Patch 4,8 mg intended for external treatment of muscle pain ( eg sciatica ) for use in adults and adolescents over the age of 12 years . The active substance patch ( mild pepper extract kafennis ) stimulates blood flow , causing a feeling of heat and reduces the perception of pain at the site of application .

Sold per piece (sold per patch).

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