Vivomixx Probiotics 10 sachets - Immune System booster

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Vivomixx Probiotics 10 sachets - Immune System booster

Specific immune system booster offenly prescribed by doctors



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Sachets10 x (4,4 gr)

The Vivomixx™ is a probiotic dietary supplement that helps the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract system and strengthens the immune as 70% of the immune system found in the gut.

Probiotics are dietary supplements containing friendly bacteria , the bacteria of lactic acid as the most widely used .

Inside every person there are colonies of bacteria (over 500 species ) , weighing about 2kg and numbering several trillion bacteria .

Most of them are found in the intestinal tract and installed immediately after birth, although some are found elsewhere (oral cavity , throat , etc. ) .

A symbiotic relationship exists between man and the good bacteria:

Our body has a place to live and food to grow.In return offer friendly bacteria , preventing the growth of pathogens , aiding in the digestion of fiber and lactose , the production of enzymes , construction of B vitamins etc.

The absence of a sufficient number of friendly lactic acid bacteria leads to disease and death .

Regardless of whether you are a human, animal, plant or other form of life , for life need sufficient colonies of friendly lactic acid bacteria and even to no health , at least 85 % of bacteria in the intestinal tract should be friendly and not more than 15 % pathogens.The disruption of this balance leads to disease and restoring it by taking probiotics in health.

The diet , the modern lifestyle , frequent use of antibiotics , either directly or indirectly ( eg by eating meat from animals in which systematic use of antibiotics) , smoking , alcohol , contraceptives , chlorine in water , environmental infections , mental and physical stress (stress), radiotherapy , chemotherapy and age contribute to the imbalance of 85:15 resulting in the advent of the disease .

If the number of good bacteria reduced their position in the intestinal tract occupied by pathogens such as the Candida Albicans thus creating irritable bowel syndrome , chronic fungal infections , skin problems , immune disorders and many other intestinal disorders.

Corresponding increase of H. Pilori leads to ulcer.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria in all foods resulting fermentation using bacteria such as yogurt , cheese , kefir , tofu , tempeh , etc.

Of the hundreds of lactic acid bacteria present , only about 20 are beneficial for human health and are commonly used in probiotic supplements in order to help the existing microflora friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract to be reoccupied and thereby displace pathogenic bacteria . 

Let's meet summarize some of the most common probiotics :

Lactobacillus Acidophilus:

It helps control diarrhea .
Breaks down lactose and thus may help people intolerant to lactose (milk sugar ) .
Strengthens the immune system and reduces the growth of Candida.

Lactobacillus Casei:

Suitable in cases of intestinal infections .
Strengthening the immune by activating NK cells.

Lactobacillus Bulgaricus:
Produces lactic acid which helps in the development of friendly bacteria .

It helps both constipation and diarrhea , influencing the peristalsis , so persistent and chronic diarrhea are less common in babies fed yogurt containing L. Bulgaricus, compared to those fed with milk.

Lactobacillus Plantarum:
Produces lactic acid which inhibits the growth of pathogens and prevents flatulence .

A strain has shown positive results in cases of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Bacillus Longum:
It helps in the removal of nitrite ( cancerous substances) .

Lactobacillus Bifidus:
Increases the acidity and make the environment inhospitable to pathogenic bacteria such as the E. Coli.
Prevents pathogens from convert nitrates ( food ) into nitrite ( carcinogens ).

Reduces allergies and also prevents the growth of certain tumors.
Probiotic Supplements
Taking probiotics benefits to :
Better resistance lactose
• Improvement in the digestive process , reducing the appearance of digestive and stomach disorders. Reduction in the incidence of constipation or diarrhea .
• Reduction in the incidence of bloat .
• Reduction in the incidence of bowel cancer .
• Improvement in bowel function , liver and cardiovascular function.
• Improving the strength of allergies and fungal infections .
• Improvement in vitamin synthesis and absorption of metals .
• ulcerative colitis (UC), in Alzheimer's Chron, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and the sac of the ileum ( Ileal Pouch).
• Improve the quality of sleep .
• Improving appetite .
• Strengthen the immune system and reduce the appearance of oral infections . 
Vivomixx consists of 450 billion from the following beneficial bacteria :

Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium infantis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus.
These bacteria have been tested for many years and are safe and friendly to humans .

 What distinguishes the Vivomixx from other probiotics
Most probiotics contain 1-5 billion friendly bacteria , an amount too small to have a significant effect , if we think that the friendly bacteria present in the intestinal tract up to a few trillion .
Unlike the Vivomixx contains 450 billion per sachet , so we can easily obtain a large number of friendly bacteria so that we have action , which appears from the studies ( more than 100 published in prestigious journals ) demonstrating activity .

The Vivomixx is having such studies .
 They can help the Vivomixx;
• Kolpoma ileum ( Ileal Pouch).
• Enabling and maintaining Immune
Except as general mentioned above , based on existing studies, the use of Vivomixx offers substantial assistance to gastrointestinal problems such as:
• Diarrhea
• diarrhea following antibiotic use
• Irritable bowel (IBS)• ulcerative colitis (UC)• Chron 's Disease

How to Use:
We can dissolve the contents of the file in half a glass of cold water (or less) or stretch it out over some cold food ( eg yoghurt ) .

Maintenance product :
To maintain product potency and to be effective must constantly keep in the refrigerator ( 2- 8oC ) .
In this case the product remains active for two years from the manufacture date ( printed on the package ) .
In case of transfer must be used ice pack to keep it cool .

Should not carry the bags with the Vivomixx in our pocket because the transfer temperature is above 8 ° .
The product gradually loses its activity if it remains above 8 ° .
Clinical studies using 1-8 sachets per day depending on the problem .

The doctor is the one who will adjust the dose depending on the problem .

Several times it is preferable to start with the lowest dose and gradually reach the desired dose , especially if the administration of a large dose presenting symptom flatulence.

The table below shows indicative doses ( sachets ) depending on some common problems for adults : 
For the dietary management
Sachet per day
Irritable bowel (IBS)
Ulcerative colitis (UC)
Inflammation of the sinuses ileum (Pouchitis)
Active Ulcerative Colitis

Stools ( per day) Vivomixx ® bags ( per day)
(w ) equals million bacteria
 More than 8
Between 5-8
Fewer than 5
12.3 months
(3-9 Kg)
Third sachet
( 150 billion )
1/5-1/3 bag
( 150-300 billion )
1/10-1/15 sachet
( 45-90 billion )
1-3 years (10-15 Kg)
2/3 sachet ( 300 billion )
1/3-2/3 bag ( 150-300 billion )
1/5-1/3 bag ( 90-150 billion )
4-6 years (17-22 Kg)
1 sachet ( 300 billion )
1/2-1 sachet ( 225-450 billion )
1/3-1/2 bag ( 150-225 billion )
7-10 years (24-33 Kg)
1 +1 / 2 sachet ( 675 billion )
2/3-1 1 /2 sachet ( 300-675 billion )
1/2-2/3 bag ( 225-300 billion )
11-14 years old (36-53 Kg)
2 sachets ( 900 billion )
1-2 sachets ( 450-900 billion )
2/3-1 sachet ( 300-450 billion )
15-17 years old (55-66 Kg)
4 bags ( 1,800 billion )
2.4 bags ( 900 to 1.800 billion )
1-2 sachets ( 450-900 billion )

 Need 1-3 weeks to see results (depending on the severity of the problem).

After 20 days of daily intake has reached the maximum colonization and which remains constant for as long as we receive the Vivomixx.

After stopping , the colonies will be lost after 2-3 weeks , so it is recommended continued use especially in chronic problems .

The Vivomixx can be taken any time of day .

It is advisable not to take the Vivomixx with antibiotics , because they will turn it off .

It's good after the making of antibiotics to take for a few days the Vivomixx to assist in faster recovery of intestinal flora , but also to restore any diarrhea from antibiotic use .

In case of diarrhea from antibiotic use , use two files together in the morning , which will bring immediate positive results.

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Vivomixx Probiotics 10 sachets - Immune System booster

Vivomixx Probiotics 10 sachets - Immune System booster

Vivomixx Probiotics 10 sachets - Immune System booster

Specific immune system booster offenly prescribed by doctors



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