Ethereal Nature Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil 10ml

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Ethereal Nature Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil 10ml

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The essential oil of Cedarwood Atlas (Cedarwood Atlas or Atlantica) comes from wood processing tree Cedrus Atlantica.It is an evergreen coniferous tree that reaches a height of 35 meters, which in appearance resembles the famous Cedar of Lebanon (Lebanon Cedar).

The name of the got from the area in which it flourishes, the Atlas Mountains, which are part of Algiers and Morocco.

Essential oil Cedarwood Atlantica is having a pleasant woody smell (balsamic, woody) and therefore used both in the perfume, as well as in the manufacturing of soaps.

As regards to its properties these are considered to be antiseptic and antifungal and you will find many recipes on the treatment of acne, eczema and skin diseases.

Cedar Atlantica is even considered to help in the treatment of hair loss and dandruff and therefore will find it as an ingredient in many specialized shampoos.

In the USA it is used in the preparation of insecticides to produce products that repel termites and ants.


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