Mediplants Castor Oil Eur.Pharm 100ml - (olio di ricino)

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Mediplants Castor Oil Eur.Pharm 100ml - (olio di ricino)

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Castor oil (C18H34O3) is unusual in chemical composition which makes it valuable . (source Wiki).

The composition is 94% and the remainder triacylglycerols monoglycerides (3.4%) and phospholipids (0.6 %).

The use of castor oil from the Egyptians to the history of Herodotus , who commented on the use of oil from the fruits of Ricinus communis ( he calls it Kiki ) for lighting and rubbing the body.

Castor oil is a laxative active ingredients acting on the large and small intestine .

It has been used to clean up the viscera after food poisoning and to defuse constipation.

Sometimes administered in hospitals for the preparation of the abdomen of patients prior to submission to X-rays of the colon and kidneys.

Also used topically for treatment of the callus and the removal of warts .

Due to the high content of vitamin E is considered an active element in the fight against aging skin .

Further applied to the treatment of lichen , abscesses of contusion , xeroderma , dermatitis , sunburn , open sores and other skin diseases.

Other uses include the manufacture of hair tonics , cosmetics and contraceptives ointments and gels .

Some therapists argue that castor oil packs may help shrink small fibroids .

The castor oil packs have been used to cure various diseases and disorders , including mastalgia , digestive problems , empyema , hemorrhoids , wounds , and gallstone .


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Mediplants Castor Oil Eur.Pharm 100ml - (olio di ricino)

Mediplants Castor Oil Eur.Pharm 100ml - (olio di ricino)

Mediplants Castor Oil Eur.Pharm 100ml - (olio di ricino)

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