Gilbert Laboratories Physiodose Hypertonic sea water 100ml - Hypertonic seawater for the nose

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Gilbert Laboratories Physiodose Hypertonic sea water 100ml - Hypertonic seawater for the nose

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Content (ml)100

Nasal congestion (or nasal obstruction) can be due to various reasons, for example:

In anatomical abnormalities: treatment is surgery
Mucosal abnormalities: directly linked to rhinitis and sinusitis
Nasal obstruction as a result of surgery: a complication requiring a new intervention or intensive washing.
If egkatesteimenou colds, rhinitis or sinusitis, nasal mucosa blocks. The use of hypertonic seawater PHYSIODOSEtha allow the release of mucus and congestion of the nose.

The hypertonic solution PHYSIODOSE, natural product, is a hypertonic solution of sterile sea water with micro-diffusion. Naturally rich in mineral salts and trace water, the nasal spray Hypertonic PHYSIODOSE recommended for cleaning and decongest the nasal cavities especially in cases of rhinitis, sinusitis, or for postoperative care.


100% hypertonic diluted seawater (equivalent to 22gr / l of salts).


Hypertonic solution PHYSIODOSE Recommended:

for cleansing the nasal cavities,
to relieve stuffy nose,
as adjunctive therapy for ENT diseases.

1-2 sprays per nostril, 1-3 times a day as appropriate.

CE0459 - Medical devices - Use with caution

 What is hypertonic solution?

In more salt concentration (2.2%) than an isotonic solution (0.9%), when in contact with the nasal mucosa, a hypertonic solution will cause naturally water secretion and therefore dissolve the viscous mucus accrued mucosa.

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