4action hot gel pain relief (red) 100gr - Immediate pain relief gel

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4action hot gel pain relief (red) 100gr - Immediate pain relief gel

Direct Relief Gel & Provides muscle Relaxation (creates warming sensation during application) 


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Weight100 gr

The 4action hot gel relieves in cases of: 

- Back pain - Grip the waist and back - Symptoms of colds in chest - Pain in muscles and joints - inflammation - Aching muscles from excessive fatigue - Cervical syndrome and appropriate muscle preheating for athletes.

How to use: Use 2 to 3 times a day. Put enough amount of gel to the affected area and then malaxte it until fully absorbed. Do not use in or irritated skin abrasions. 

Composition: Menthol, camphor, nipagin, ethyl alcohol 95, thym extract, eucalyptus extract, aloe extract, rosemary extract, mint extract, camomile extract, triethanolamine

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