Reduced price! Starmel Imunofit Junior for Immune support 120ml - Ενισχυτικό ανοσοποιητικού συστήματος για παιδιά

Starmel Imunofit Junior for Immune support 120ml - Immune system booster for kids

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Starmel Imunofit Junior for Immune support 120ml - Immune system booster for kids

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Imunofit syrup for kids, in contrast to products for adults, does not contain the Q10 coenzyme, since the fall of Q10 levels in the body occurs after the age of 20.

5 ml of syrup contains 100 mg of β-(1.3)-(1.6)-D-glucan,5 μg vitamin D3, 3 mg  zinc and 25 mg of vitamin C. The syrup is prepared on the basis of a glucose-fructose syrup and has a pleasant green apple aroma. It does not contain any ingredients of animal origin and is therefore also suitable for vegetarians.

The recommended daily dosage for the syrup: children above the age of 3: 5 ml (1 dosing spoon), youth above the age of 10: 10 ml (2 dosing spoons). Consume the syrup at least half an hour before a meal, in the morning or in the evening. You may consume it undiluted or mixed in a glass of water, tea or another beverage. In case of the latter, you are to consume it soon after preparation. Diluting does not affect the quality of the product.The human body has a highly sophisticated immune system for defending against foreign particles. Our body is constantly in contact with bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites – we either ingest them with food or drink or they enter our body through the skin, e.g. upon injuries. The task of the immune system is to timely identify foreign particles, mobilize immune cells and thus prevent the progression of foreign particles in our body. Most radicals in our bodies arise from the process of transforming nutritious ingredients into cellular energy. Additional and ever more important sources are a polluted living environment and exposure to the sun (UV radiation). Important factors, which have a negative effect on the defensive capacity of our bodies, are also an unbalanced diet and resulting anemia, stress and other psychophysical loads. The effect of other illnesses, allergies and regular use of certain medication is also known. With an efficiently functioning immune system, infections are relatively rare and the responses to them intensive.


Advice for strengthening the immune system:

  • make sure of a varied and balanced diet and avoid fatty dishes

  • drink sufficient fluids, particularly natural water and herbal teas

  • avoid drinking alcohol and smoking

  • make sure of regular exercise and good psychophysical condition

  • learn to manage stress

  • consume food supplements, which support the immune system, even before falling ill

A child’s immune system is different to an adult’s immune system

The most effective method of fighting off cold is definitely prevention:

  • A varied and balanced diet, which includes enough nutritious ingredients, as well as vitamin C, known for supporting the immune system.

  • Along with a proper diet, a child must also have sufficient fluids, which have an important role in removing harmful substances from the body. A minimum of one liter of water or tea, which can be sweetened with honey, is recommended.

  • Exercise and fresh air is also extremely important for improving a child’s immune system, since it strengthens the body, purifies it and fills it with much needed energy. So take at least half an hour each day to take a walk with your child. Along with exercise, sleeping is also important, since children without a good night’s rest fall ill sooner than those who are well rested.

  • Avoid closed quarters with large numbers of people, e.g. medical facilities, etc. Indoor playgrounds, particularly in winter times, may be a bad choice for your child’s entertainment.

  • Accustom your child early on to take care of proper hygiene, since thus you can prevent a number of illnesses. Hands are to be regularly washed with soap. This is especially important to do before meals, when he returns home and upon contact with ill people. Regularly clean a young child’s nose and warn an older one to wipe his nose, when mucus appears.

If a cold nevertheless occurs, you may help your child in various ways:

  • a child is to drink as much hot tea or other fluids as possible;

  • inhalation in the form of a bath or via an inhaler;

  • several times a day apply balm or oil, which contains an adequate mixture of etheric oils and other ingredients, on the child’s chest area, since they have a beneficial effect on breathing organs;

  • a child should rest;

  • in case of severe illness consult a pediatrician on the use of proper medication.

    The main source of vitamins and minerals are fruit and vegetables, which a child should consume regularly. A child’s diet should include fresh food, grains, natural sweeteners and as little preservatives as possible. If you have trouble ensuring a proper diet during certain periods, we recommend adding nutrients with appropriate food supplements. This is especially relevant during the winter, when fewer fresh fruit and vegetable are available.

Beta-glucans are dietary fibers and represent a wide group of natural saccharides. Beta-glucans have a very diverse chemical structure, due to different origins, and consequently very different biological roles. This is why it is extremely important for the efficiency of a food supplement, which beta-glucan it holds.

Imunofit products contain a highly active β-(1.3)-(1.6)-D-glucan, isolated from cellular walls of yeast, for which a beneficial effect on the functioning of the immune system has been clinically proven. These kinds of beta-glucans are known by the expert public as an extremely effective natural ingredient for supporting the immune system.

Beta-glucans from grains


This is a water-soluble dietary fiber, which is located in the bran of grains, particularly barley and oat, but does not have a substantial influence on the immune system.





Beta-glucans from yeast


This mainly non-soluble fiber is located in the cellular walls of yeast. Its beneficial effect on the immune system has been proven, therefore these beta-glucans are the ones we used in our Valens Imunofit products.


Beta-glucans from fungi


They are found in cellular walls of different mushrooms and are mainly water-soluble and structurally similar to those from yeast. 

Beta-glucans represent a wide group of natural polysaccharides with a number of biological properties, therefore it is very important to choose the optimal form in regard to intended use. Valens Imunofit products use a special form of beta-glucans, isolated from yeast, for which it has been proven that they support the immune system. Addition of coenzyme Q10 in vitamin C When the immune system responds to the entering of foreign particles, the release of radicals also increases; therefore it is extremely important that our body also has a well-functioning defense against these reactive molecules. The other two ingredients in Imunofit products, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C, have an important protective role. Both of them are essential components in the protection of important biological molecules against oxidative damage, since they are natural anti-oxidizers, which protect the body from radicals, harmful reactive ingredients, which accelerate aging and are the cause of various illnesses.


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Starmel Imunofit Junior for Immune support 120ml - Immune system booster for kids

Starmel Imunofit Junior for Immune support 120ml - Immune system booster for kids

Starmel Imunofit Junior for Immune support 120ml - Immune system booster for kids

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