Dr Niedermaier RegulatPro Bio (Regulat Pro) 350ml - helps boost energy and vitality

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Dr Niedermaier RegulatPro Bio (Regulat Pro) 350ml - helps boost energy and vitality

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Regulat is a fermented drink made up of fruits, nuts and vegetables from the soil produced by organic agriculture.
Due to a very precise fermentation formula that must be strictly adhered to, it is possible to concentrate the vital enzymes that we find in food, to release them and provide them in vibratory energy.


Enzymes are proteins that are present in the cells of all living beings. Their role is to facilitate chemical reactions that are produced there naturally. For example, amylase, an enzyme contained in saliva, breaks down starch (a sugar present in cereals), into simpler sugars. After other stages of digestion in the intestine, glucose is obtained which supplies the organism with energy. Without the help of enzymes, the chemical reactions would not take place in living beings (or very few) and life could not exist. It is said that enzymes play the role of a catalyst. There is a large number of different enzymes, but each one only corresponds to just one molecule (like a lock corresponds to only one key) and to only one sort of reaction.

A team of doctors, scientists, naturopaths, homeopaths and vets have noticed very positive effects on their care, finding success with so-called regulatory enzymes released in the form of a solution to drink, acquired through a process of cascade fermentation.

Cascade Fermentation

The cascade fermentation process – which is patented – has been developed over many years by the company founder Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH. This team of researchers was inspired by the way in which foods decompose naturally in the human body, in different stages: in cascade. They observed that foods went through successive fermentations in an environment of lactic acid, an important organic element of blood plasma. But a distinction is made between healthy lactic acid (+) (dextrogyre) and the lactic acid produced in case of illness (-) (levogyre). 
Under-nourished tissue, and in particular tumours, stimulate lactic acid (-) which then leads to hyperacidity (a triggering factor in each infectious process). Therefore it is necessary to counter this change by providing lactic acid (+) which is an ideal environment for optimal enzyme activity and redresses the acid-base balance of the blood. 
The fermentation of Regulat enzymes is carried out in a lactic acid (+) environment.

Enzyme brake up

Regulat fermentation is carried out through a cascade process, that is to say in several stages to break down the long chains of the enzymes’ initial proteins a little further on each occasion. 
As a result of this type of fermentation, primary ferments are obtained in liquid form. In a unique way, Regulat contains a very wide spectrum of decomposed (or released) enzymes that can easily act there where the cells need them. The small size of these molecules means they are able to pass into the blood system through the intestinal walls. However, a large proportion of these molecules is absorbed immediately by the oral mucous membrane, which is very advantageous for people suffering from gastric or intestinal problems. 
Since the whole of the metabolism process for the human body is carried out with the help of enzymes, Regulat will act in a targeted fashion, supporting and overcoming nutritional deficiencies, where metabolic mechanisms are in a state of imbalance. 

Regulat contains broken down enzymes, the body can use them directly, it does not have to do the work of breaking them down. That is why results from taking Regulat are often very swift and spectacular!


 Internal use:

  •  increases the organism’s resistance
  •  keeps joints supple by preserving cartilage
  •  strengthens natural defences
  •  supports the metabolism
  •  helps blood circulation
  •  helps intestinal transit
  •  helps digestion
  •  used to unblock the nose
  •  balances cholesterol level
  •  very effective slimming aid
  •  slows down effect of ageing
  •  helps improve concentration by providing greater mental energy
  •  strengthens vitality
  •  gives more energy
  •  for good bone development
  •  very useful for cases of transient fatigue
  •  provides a good, healthy night’s sleep

External use:

  •  excellent for dry and sensitive skin
  •  makes the skin glow and makes it soft and smooth
  •  regenerates the skin and slows down effects of ageing
  •  purifies and brightens the complexion
  •  in cases of spots and blackheads
  •  fights against formation of free radicals

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Dr Niedermaier RegulatPro Bio (Regulat Pro) 350ml - helps boost energy and vitality

Dr Niedermaier RegulatPro Bio (Regulat Pro) 350ml - helps boost energy and vitality

Dr Niedermaier RegulatPro Bio (Regulat Pro) 350ml - helps boost energy and vitality

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