Deligios Louisa and Buckthorn herbal drink in powder form

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Deligios Louisa and Buckthorn herbal drink in powder form


Ideal for detoxification , relaxation and strengthening the organization

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Delicious herbal powder combination of Louisa herb and the fruit Buckthorn.

The sea buckthorn , well known since antiquity , owes its name to the troops of Alexander the Great , who noticed that the sick and injured horses who ate the fruit of the plant recovering quickly acquired more strength , while their fur grew stronger and became more glamorous (horse : horse faos : light , shine) .

For centuries it has been part of traditional Chinese medicine and is used in many countries as a tonic.

Cultivated in Central Europe , Asia and also in Greece .

It is known outside of Asia in the Nordic countries and Germany .

There are many projects around the world to analyze the beneficial properties of this fruit .

It has vitamins C and E and a combination of fatty acids including Omega 3 famous .

Contribute to the absorption of iron , aids in the formation of collagen in skin wound healing in repairing tissue and strengthens the body's defenses .

Slows down the aging of cells , helps in tissue oxygenation and enhances the reproductive system.

It accelerates wound healing and protects against atherosclerosis.


A known favorite aromatic herb with detoxifying , relaxing and antioxidant action .

Contributes to soothe spasms in the stomach , acts against oxidative stress and helps in boosting metabolism.

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