Ethereal Nature Clementine Pop Mica 10gr - Mandarin color

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Ethereal Nature Clementine Pop Mica 10gr - Mandarin color

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Mica colors are natural pigments derived from minerals, which are purified (purification) and then crushed into very fine dust. They come from all over the world and have many different uses.

Mica Clementine Pop is an incredibly bright orange color with extraordinary density that will delight you. It provides medium coverage and shimmer. Clementine Pop color is suitable for all cosmetics (Face, Eyes, Nails, Lips). The grain size varies between 10-60 microns.

The Mica colors you find in us are completely free of synthetic dyes (FD & C, D & C, Lake Pigments, Carmine). They are all approved by the EU. (EU & FDA approved) for cosmetic use.

Mica colors can be added to nail varnishes, eye shadows, lipsticks and lip balms, and of course in soaps. They do not diffuse in the soap and are very stable.

When used in soaps, Mica colors are usually applied at a rate of 2.5-5.0g per kilogram of white soap (Melt & Pour) or in a proportion of 1.5-2.0g per pound of transparent soapstone to achieve "fresheners" and shining shades. In olive oil soaps (cold method), Mica colors are usually used at a rate of 5.0-10.0g per kilo of soap. They are added to the mixture of oils and require good mixing to be incorporated and highlighted.

In nail polish, about 2.0g of Mica paint is usually added to any clear varnish. In the case of eye shadow, about 2.5g of Mica color is added to a 12.5g base (eg Titanium Dioxide 5.0g, Micca Matte 2.5g, Magnesium Stearate 2.5g and White 2.5g).

Mica colors are not toxic and can be used even in children (carnival dyes). They can give color and glow to emulsions and powders. All Mica colors can blend with each other to achieve stunning shades.

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