Rafarm Granus Men's Up 500mg 10caps - Herbal supplement for erectile dysfunction

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Rafarm Granus Men's Up 500mg 10caps - Herbal supplement for erectile dysfunction

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Who is Granus Men's UP for ?

The Granus Men's UP is a natural dietary supplement that combats erectile dysfunction and general disturbances in the sexual performance of men. Historically, and particularly in these times we are living, the man is called to resolve several practical problems, such as: economic, business and general situations of psychological pressure. This psychological pressure, therefore, is the main cause of erectile dysfunction. The Granus Men's UP, has a positive effect on blood circulation, but also can improve memory and concentration, has a positive effect on sexual activity, sexual appetite and erection. Besides improving erection, enhances libido and the effect lasts up to 48 hours.
Only pleasure, and when you ask!

What will happen after taking Granus Men's UP;

One hour after taking the capsule, the composition will begin to act. The body is heated, increasing the blood flow rate in the pelvic regions, thereby boosting and filling of the penile arteries. Consequently facilitate erection, and a high quality intercourse is achieved.

Dosage - how to use:

Take one capsule on an empty stomach, 1 hour before or three hours after meals.

For better absorption and faster results take the capsule with a glass of warm water, to which we add a little salt (optional). After two hours of receiving fearlessly consume alcoholic beverages such as wine, raki, ouzo, whiskey, etc. and food (not frozen).


The treasures of nature in a capsule

Astragalus Membranaceus. Ankle the membranous. The key benefits of receiving it: it is anti-inflammatory, strengthens the immune system, slows or prevents the growth of cancer tumors and protect the cardiovascular system and regulate or prevent diabetes and the diseases it causes.

Epimedium. Epimidio. Used against erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire and helps patients with general signs of fatigue. The basic function is to activate the enzyme responsible for the mobilization of the activation of the mechanism of erection.

Eucomnia Ulmoides. Eikomnia. It lowers blood pressure and triglycerides, prevent bone loss, promote fat loss and mainly increases the mobilization of natural steroids in the body.

Herba cistanches. Traditionally used for strengthening the immune system, sexual health and organic stimulating, good intestinal function, it is an antioxidant and protects the nervous system.

Condonopsis pilosula. Activates the central nervous system, is tonic, stimulant, stabilize people with eating disorders, increases the resistance and promotes the proper circulation of blood.

Radix paeoniae alba. It helps in good respiratory health, combats atherosclerosis, helps patients with cirrhosis of the liver, resists neuralgia and migraine and helps boosts with chronic fatigue syndrome CFS.

Chinese Angelica. Chinese angelica. Prevents allergic crises favors joints, reduces hypertension, fights psoriasis and unwanted skin discoloration. Encourages fertility and helps prevent premature ejaculation.

Liquorice. It works as a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, fights osteoarthritis and eases stress. It helps patients in the postoperative state, is used for many skin diseases, as well as to combat all types of Hepatitis. Naturally strengthens the body at the right time, while relieving unnecessary muscle activity.

Cinnamomum Cassia. Chinese cinnamon. Fights diabetes, muscle spasms, the stomach reflux, is good for the common "cold" and appetizing. Also promotes good kidney function, eliminates cramps and regulates blood pressure.

Semen-Cuscutae. Increases the production and flow of semen, predisposes to sexual intercourse by increasing libido, has anticancer and antioxidant action is anti-inflammatory and prevents cardiovascular disease.

Rhizoma-Atractylodis. Strengthens the immune system, facilitates urination and helps renal function performs physical dialysis helps prevent allergies caused by dust and other related particles.

Bidentate Achyranthes. It helps kidney function and cleanse the bladder. Also have analgesic activity and benefit patients with asthma.

Semen Zizyphi spinosae. It antidepressant, strengthens the immune system and stimulates the weak organisms. Also for thousands XPO

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Rafarm Granus Men's Up 500mg 10caps - Herbal supplement for erectile dysfunction

Rafarm Granus Men's Up 500mg 10caps - Herbal supplement for erectile dysfunction

Rafarm Granus Men's Up 500mg 10caps - Herbal supplement for erectile dysfunction

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