Cheiron Pharma Pruzax Cream 150ml - Antipruritic cream (facial - body)

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Cheiron Pharma Pruzax Cream 150ml - Antipruritic cream (facial - body)

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Content (ml)150
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"... The polidocanol has been widely used and for a long time in the past as a local anesthetic. Dr. sensitive endings of nerve fibers and has only a mild local anesthetic effect , but presents both antipruritic properties, which make it an ideal agent for the treatment of skin conditions where itchiness and dry skin ... ".

Assoc.Prof. Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier, MD, et al: Consensus Statement: Basic / Adjuvant Therapy and Prevention of Dermatoses: International Journal for Postgraduate Training in Medicine: March 2006: No 9: pp 1-16

«... Topical formulations containing polidocanol are effective in reducing symptoms of itching ... ".European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology - American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology / PRACTALL Consensus Group: Diagnosis and Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis in Children and Adults: Allergy: 2006: 61: 969-987.

The PRUZAX is antipruritic cream (facial - body ) effective in the symptomatic treatment of pruritus ( itching ) , any etiology ( itching of skin , or systemic diseases in children , and of bites and other insects ) .

The PRUZAX cream contains: Polidocanol - Antipruritic activity.

Panthenol . Mild anti-inflammatory action. Chamomile oil . Mild anti-inflammatory action .

A large number of clinical studies have demonstrated that polidocanol faces by more than 85 % , directly and effectively pruritus (itching ) any cause : itchy skin ( eg atopic eczema) . Itching Elderly ( senile knyza ) .

Urticaria . Itching of childhood diseases . Mosquito bites and other insects . Contact with jellyfish . Uremic pruritus ( end stage renal disease ) . Anal itching .

The PRUZAX cream can be applied with light massage until fully absorbed , 2 to 3 times daily to the affected area .

The PRUZAX cream is available in a plastic bottle with a pump of 150ml.

The PRUZAX cream is not a medicine .

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Cheiron Pharma Pruzax Cream 150ml - Antipruritic cream (facial - body)

Cheiron Pharma Pruzax Cream 150ml - Antipruritic cream (facial - body)

Cheiron Pharma Pruzax Cream 150ml - Antipruritic cream (facial - body)

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