Reduced price! Ευ ζην Hypericum edible oil (Balsam) 100ml - Σπαθόλαδο το Υπερικόν το διάτρητον

Ευ ζην Hypericum edible oil (Balsam) 100ml - Hypericum Perforarum edible oil

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Ευ ζην Hypericum edible oil (Balsam) 100ml - Hypericum Perforarum edible oil

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Hypericum oil the Hypericum Perforarum from ancient times is famous for its treasured healing properties and the wide range of its applications. Hippocrates, Dioscorides, Galenus, the Plenius, the Oribassios, the Aetus and Paracelsus recommended it for a multitude of diseases. It is the famous Balsam of the Ancient Spartans, with which the soldiers were beating their wounds after the battles. Indicative of his healing power are his names, Wundskraut (herb of wounds), Frauenkraut (female herb), Toute-saine (Panacea) and is still known as St. Johnswort's herb. In our time, studies also prove its antidepressant properties. The oil of European Zin® Hyperion is obtained by immersing its fresh flowers in top-quality organic cold-pressed olives. As for Maria Tremben - one of the most important botanists of the 20th century - in her book "Health from the Pharmacy of God" she says: "The oil of the superciliary is a valuable natural remedy. You should not miss any home. "

External use

The analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the oil make it extremely effective for a wide range of conditions and problems such as:

- Stiffness, back pain, rheumatic pain, joint pain

- Muscular diseases, ligament diseases, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains

- Cramps, grips, chills, neuralgia

- Inflammations, glands and other edema, dystocia

- Headaches, migraines, earwax

- For any kind of wounds

- Injuries, bruises, bruises

- Skin diseases, herpes, rashes, ulcers

- Dermatitis, dry skin, itching

- Burns, infestations (infantile and / or ultrasonic)

- Insect bites

Instructions for use:

We make coatings or light gratings where the problem is. We can also apply topical patches with a soaked gauze and wrap it with a waterproof membrane. According to Maria Trebben, the hyperic oil is also palliative for babies suffering from cavities (colic) if we gently rub their belly with it.

Internal Use

 Olive oil is also drinkable thanks to its excellent production process made from pure, high quality organic high quality olives and wild silicone flowers collected in mountainous areas of Tinos. Recommended for diseases and problems such as:

- Ulcer, stomach ache, painful digestion

- Gastro-oesophageal reflux

- Xinillas, heartburns

- Bowel pains, constipation

- Irritable bowel syndrome (colitis)

Instructions for use:

Drink 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach (preferably in the morning or even in the evening) and whenever a problem occurs.

Cosmetic Use

The regenerative, finally, properties of the oil make it also excellent as a cosmetic. It is recommended:

- Particularly for dry, sensitive, tired skin

- As a base oil for the production of refreshing cosmetic creams

- For any therapeutic or relaxing massage (can be enriched, if desired, with essential oils)

Directions for use: Apply well on the skin with gentle movements. You can use it at regular intervals like a night cream, spreading to clean skin and including the eye area. The results are spectacular! If you enjoyed the sun's care more than you needed and your skin "pulls" or blushes, evening spatula treatment is ideal for immediate relief.

Packaging 100 ml.

The information contained herein is purely informative and can not substitute for the opinion of the treating physician or other health care professional.

"How do we make Hypericum oil"

Every year, at the beginning of summer, we go early in the morning to the east uncultivated meadows of Tinos under its highest mountain, Tsiknia, at an altitude of 1,000 meters. There we carefully collect the yellow flowers of the hyperic, controlling whether the red capsule in the center is soft and full of the precious substance hiding in it, the hyperion. Then, after carefully transferring them to baskets in our laboratory, remove them and immerse them in high quality organic high quality olives in small, 3 liter glass containers. The pots are transported to the threshing floor of our house at an altitude of 300 meters, overlooking the Aegean Sea and standing together with the Aegean sun. Everyday until the end of the summer, we are in conversation with them, turning them right or left or overturning them, changing the positions between them so that they take all the power of the sun and the hot stone upon which they mature. In this way, they give us their valuable extract, whose quality of production and raw materials is unmatched and so it is edible and not only for external use.

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Ευ ζην Hypericum edible oil (Balsam) 100ml - Hypericum Perforarum edible oil

Ευ ζην Hypericum edible oil (Balsam) 100ml - Hypericum Perforarum edible oil

Ευ ζην Hypericum edible oil (Balsam) 100ml - Hypericum Perforarum edible oil

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