Reduced price! Terpenic Labs Thyme (Thujanol) edible ess.oil 5ml - Θυμάρι (Θουγιανόλη) βρώσιμο αιθέριο έλαιο

Terpenic Labs Thyme (Thujanol) edible ess.oil 5ml - Thyme (Thujanol) edible essential oil

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Terpenic Labs Thyme (Thujanol) edible ess.oil 5ml - Thyme (Thujanol) edible essential oil

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The name Thymus (Thym) refers to about 350 species of the genus Thymus, of the wider botanical family Lamiaceae, which are found in various parts of Europe, North Africa and Asia. The main aromas of thyme are: thymol, carvacrol, linalool, geraniol and α-terpineol. However, there is a remarkable variation in the percentage content of the above substances, which indicates the existence of different thyme chemotypes, with similar course properties and actions, depending on the percentage of these elements in the composition of each species and the place of origin of the plant.

Thyme Thymus vulgaris Thujanoliferum, also known as "sweet thyme", is an evergreen shrub of the Heilanth family, with small green leaves wrapped around the edges and pink flowers, native to low-lying, dry, low-lying areas. soils. It is one of the oldest medicinal plants, which has been used throughout the Mediterranean to help treat infectious diseases.

Thym Thujanol essential oil is obtained by distilling the flowering tops of the plant and its aroma has a classic thyme scent, warm, herbal and fragrant. The main molecules of its chemotypic composition are the alcohols: thujanol, 1-terpine-4-ol, myrkenol-8, elements with strong anti-viral, anti-fungal, bactericidal and immunostimulatory action.

Drinking essential oil Thym Thujanol, from the company terpiniclabs is an excellent product with significant therapeutic value. It is a tonic of the immune system and particularly effective in strengthening the body against classic respiratory infections, such as: rhinopharyngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis. It is also used to decongest and detoxify the liver, as well as to treat viral and toxic hepatitis, while in addition, it activates blood circulation, warming the whole body. Finally, it contributes satisfactorily to the treatment of many gynecological problems such as: vaginitis, tubalitis, fungal infections. Country of origin: France. Sold in a 10ml package.

No toxicity has been observed. It is recommended to avoid use during pregnancy and lactation.
Treat sore throat, cough and cold immediately by dissolving 2 drops of Thym Thujanol essential oil in a little sugar or honey. After 3-4 shots the symptoms will subside.

The terpiniclabs laboratory was founded in 2012 in Spain by young entrepreneurs and within a few years has established itself as one of the leading companies in the field of scientific aromatherapy worldwide. The company's philosophy is the application of all technological developments in the field of research with the aim of producing products, which base their beneficial action on natural active ingredients - mainly essential oils of botanical origin but also biochemically defined, but also high quality vegetable oils.

The edible essential oils of terpiniclabs are 100% natural organic preparations of high quality and value. We can take them either prophylactically, since as probiotics, they directly stimulate our body or therapeutically in case of virus, flu or cold. However, each essential oil has additional properties, which make it suitable for a specific use.


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Terpenic Labs Thyme (Thujanol) edible ess.oil 5ml - Thyme (Thujanol) edible essential oil

Terpenic Labs Thyme (Thujanol) edible ess.oil 5ml - Thyme (Thujanol) edible essential oil

Terpenic Labs Thyme (Thujanol) edible ess.oil 5ml - Thyme (Thujanol) edible essential oil

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