Ethereal Nature Barley Grass 100gr - Barley Grass (Powder) herb

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Ethereal Nature Barley Grass 100gr - Barley Grass (Powder) herb

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Barley (Hordeum vulgare) is a cereal fruit of the angiosperm, a monocotyledonous species of the species Cricheus common, of the family Poaceae or Gramineae. It is cultivated in different climates and widely consumed as a basic diet. Today it is used especially for the production of bread, beer and feed.

Barley was one of the first cereals cultivated by humans in the Middle East and for thousands of years it was one of the basic foods. According to Old Testament passages, barley is one of the "seven species" of crops that characterize the fertility of the land of Canaan and has a prominent place in the sacrifices. It is clearly depicted in some of Europe's oldest coins. It was one of the main cereals in ancient Egypt for the making of bread and beer. Barley beer was probably the first drink made by the Neolithic man. The availability of barley in southwestern Eurasia is considered by scientists to be one of the reasons that Eurasian civilizations as a whole have survived and conquered other cultures. In the Middle East it is also known as "heart medicine".

According to modern scientific data, barley contains vitamins E, C, and B12. It is also rich in carotene, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, lead, germanium, copper, lithium, zinc and selenium. All in a balanced ratio. It also contains powerful antioxidants, including tocotrienol. Tocotrienol prevents and dissolves the clots in the arteries, reduces fatigue and accelerates wound healing. It protects the vessels from atherosclerosis, helping to reduce the chance of coronary heart disease. It also helps the body to cope with the toxic effects of free radicals. Without complete scientific documentation, it is still thought to reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. It works for the whole body. For example, it detoxifies air pollutants in the lung tissue. The blood determines the degree of oxidation of LDL-cholesterol.

According to data from the Science and Technology Center and the Japanese Food Analysis Center, sources of the Seed Search Association, green barley juice contains 30 times more B1 than cow's milk, 7 times more vitamin C than oranges, 11 times more calcium. cow's milk, 5 times more iron than spinach and 6.5 times more carotene than spinach.

Osteoporosis, liver problems, rickets, urinary tract infection, indigestion, diabetes, fever, acute and chronic nephritis, and acute rheumatism are treated with barley-based therapy. This valuable plant has diuretic properties and cleanses the whole body (kidneys, bladder, etc.). A recent study of patients with ulcerative colitis showed that those who ate barley grass had significant improvements in symptoms, such as pain and diarrhea, compared to those taking conventional medication.

Beverage preparation. Use 30 grams of powder for half a liter of water. Put the powder in cold water and allow to boil for 5-10 minutes. Remove from heat, leave for 5-10 minutes, then strain.

Herbs are and should be treated as medicines. We do not support self-treatment and we recommend that you always consult your doctor before taking them.


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Ethereal Nature Barley Grass 100gr - Barley Grass (Powder) herb

Ethereal Nature Barley Grass 100gr - Barley Grass (Powder) herb

Ethereal Nature Barley Grass 100gr - Barley Grass (Powder) herb

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