Korres Herb Gloss Colorant - Permanent hair herbal cream-dye

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Korres Herb Gloss Colorant - Permanent hair herbal cream-dye


Professional results with Abyssinia oil and extracts from sunflower and cotton

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PiecesΠεριέχει 1. Ένα σωληνάριο με κρέμα-βαφή_60ml 2. Ένα sachet μαλακτική κρέμα σταθεροποίησης χρώματος με δενδρολιβανο και ευκάλυπτο_10ml 3. Έντυπο με οδηγίες χρήσης

The cream-dye Herb Gloss Colorant is an ideal combination of the fixed effect of a permanent dye with the benefits of physical formula. The Abyssinian Oil nourishes and deeply moisturizes the hair, giving the hair shine and softness.

Sunflower extract is rich in antioxidants that protect the color from fading, which is caused by sun exposure and frequent use, so the hair look more shiny and the color is retained longer. Cotton extract, rich in nutrients, strengthens hair.

The cream-dye Herb Gloss Colorant used in admixture with the activation emulsion paint Herb Gloss Colorant 1: 1. A cream-dye 60ml tube corresponds to 60ml activation emulsion paint.

The activation emulsion paint is available in a pack 120ml, quantity sufficient for two applications. Mix the cream-painted Herb Gloss Colorant only with the corresponding activation emulsion paint Herb Gloss Colorant.

For shades 1.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.7, 4MIX, 5.4, 5MIX, 3.2 use the activation emulsion paint 20.

For all other shades Use balsam color trigger 30.

Useful Tips

Without ammonia

The ammonia is replaced by more mild alkaline agents, so the formula of paint is more friendly hair, protecting them from their long-term disaster, but also to the skin and eyes, limiting the likelihood of allergic reactions.The cream-painted Herb Gloss Colorant (60ml) is used in admixture with the activation emulsion paint Herb Gloss Colorant (120ml) in a 1: 1 ratio. A 60ml-dyeing cream tube corresponds to 60ml activation emulsion paint [half the packing / the total amount of color developer emulsion Herb Gloss Colorant is 120ml].

If you have recently permed, wait 48 hours before using the product. If you have just done straightening perm, wait one week.

Avoid using the dye over henna, semipermanent or metallic dyes. Wait gone completely semi-permanent dye (8-10 shampoos), so the hair to obtain uniform color.

The mixing of the two products in open plastic or glass bowl and apply to hair brush facilitates mixing and ensures better performance of the coating.

Apply the paint in Alushta hair unless you have accumulated styling products (hairspray, gel etc.). In this case soak 12-24 hours prior to application as a natural protective sebum acts on the scalp and hair. In the case of short hair, the product can be used in two doses, each time mixing equal amount Gloss Herb Colorant and activation emulsion paint. Keep the remaining (not mix) from any liquid in the container until the next use. If your hair is long (below the shoulder) and the first paint, we recommend to use 2 cans cream-painted Herb Gloss Colorant.

Enriched with Active Plant Extracts.

Dermatologist Tested. without Ammonia. Paraben free without Resorcinol. Without Heavy Metals. Free Silicone. No Mineral Oil. Easy to use with a creamy texture that does not run. 

Odourless - Not the typical smell of paint with ammonia.

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