Royal Original Schweden Bitter Life Elixir 700ml - will help you to a host of problems

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Royal Original Schweden Bitter Life Elixir 700ml - will help you to a host of problems

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Schweden Vitter was inspired by Paracelsus in 1538 AD and the 18th century Swedish physicians Dr. And Dr. Claus Samst Urban Hjame researched and experimented with its properties. Nowadays is popularized by the Austrian botanologist and writer Maria Treben.

The herbs used in the Royal Schweden Vitter are extracted at room temperature with a solution of alcohol 50% on specially built rotating extractor and the largest percentage collected on the rich variety of herbs Greek nature that only Greek sun can grow. The result is a real bitter drink, with active and complete the properties of the components, which will help you to a host of problems!

Health from God's pharmacy

Below is an excerpt from the book "Health from God's Pharmacy" the herbalist Mary Trempen (versions 2002 Cedar, tel .: 210 3809712, Manuscript found in the perennial Swedish Professor Dr. file Samst.

Preventive every morning and evening of 1 teaspoon. For something more serious morning, noon and evening of 1 tbsp. Although the Schweden Bitter enthusiasts enjoyed neat, well it is any of the above doses, to be diluted in water, tea or juice.


1. Eliminates headaches and dizziness, strengthens the brain and memory with frequent puffs or emvrexi skull base or with a compress on the head.

2. Helps weak eyes and eliminates redness and all pain, even in cases of inflammation. The release of spots and cataracts. Moisten occasionally the corners of the eyes or a place soaked cloth over the closed eyelids.

3. purulent rashes and eczema of all kinds, as well as dry skin, although often treated moistened and well.

4. For toothache keep in the mouth for a while a tablespoon with little water or moistened the aching tooth. The pain soon subsides and putrefaction disappears.

5. blistering tongue or other oral problems quickly treated with frequent wetting.

6. If the neck burns or inflamed and swallowing becomes difficult to slowly swallow S.B. morning, noon and night. Removes inflammation and heal the throat.

7. For stomach cramps a tablespoon.

8. For colic take slowly, one after the other, three tablespoons and soon will feel relief.

9. It relieves the body from gases and calms the liver. Eliminates all problems of the intestines and stomach and helps in constipation cases.

10. An excellent remedy for stomach disorders and digestive disorders.

11. Beneficial for the pains of the gallbladder. One tablespoon daily morning and evening, at night compresses and soon all pain will subside.

12. For dropsy a tablespoon in white wine, morning and evening for six weeks.

13. For pain or ringing in the ears put into his ear a swab. It evergetikotato and restore lost hearing.

14. For morning sickness a tablespoon of red wine in the morning, for three days, half an hour later a walk after breakfast, but no milk. The S.B. It should not be taken before or after milk.

15. Over the last 14 days of pregnancy a spoonful morning and evening promotes birth.

16. If after birth the milk and cut inflammation occurs quickly subsides if put compresses.

17. Relieves worms, even from film, children and adults. The dose administered to children is proportional to age. A moistened cloth is placed in the navel and kept moist.

18. Heals boils children. We give children the S.B. depending on their age, diluted with water. When the grains begin to wither, frequently moistened with S.B. and not leaving marks.

19. For gold (jaundice) all complaints will disappear very quickly if given a tablespoon three times a day and put compresses on swollen liver.

20. Opens all haemorrhoids, heal the kidneys, relieves the body of all unnecessary liquids away melancholy and depression and improve appetite and digestion.

21. The hemorrhoids shrink and soften if moistened frequently and if the internal S.B. taken, especially at bedtime. Locally applied a cotton soaked. It helps the blocked blood circulate and relieve the burning.

22. If someone has fainted open, if necessary, his mouth, give him a spoonful S.B. and will meet.

23. This elixir relieves you from pain spasms (cramps).

24. For tabes taking it daily, in the morning on an empty stomach and continue the treatment for six weeks.

25. If menstruation has stopped or is excessive, the woman takes the elixir for three days and repeat the treatment 20 times.

26. This elixir also cure leucorrhoea.

27. If someone is suffering from seizure must be granted the elixir on site and to continue treatment because it strengthens the nerves, like the body and relieves any disease.

28. it heals lameness and relieves dizziness and ailments.

29. also heals rashes and erysipelas.

30. If someone has a fever and is too weak to administer a tablespoon and the patient, if it is not overloaded with other medications, will meet soon, the pulse will return and fever as high as they are, will fall.

31. S.B. also heals the scars of smallpox, warts and chapped hands. If the wound is old or festering or purulent, the washed well with white wine and place a cloth soaked in elixir.

32. heal without side effects of any kind of wound, tear or blow, though often moistened with S.B. A piece of cloth is impregnated with the elixir and covers the wound immediately. quickly gets pain, prevents bruising or decay. also heals from bullet wounds. If there are holes, sprinkle the wound with the elixir without having necessarily to have previously clean. With repeated attacks impregnated cloths, treatment comes soon.

33. Clears scars, even old wounds and cuts if the humidifier at least 40 times with the elixir. All wounds are closed and do not leave marks ..

34. it heals all kinds fistula, even the ones that seem hopeless, as old it is.

35. heal all burns and scalding or is caused by fire, hot water or fat, if often moistened. No blistering and even purulent blisters cured.

36. It is effective against swellings and bruises, whether by blow or fall.

37. If someone has lost his appetite, the elixir restores lost flavor.

38. If anemia restores the lost color if taken in the morning for a period of time. Purifies the blood, creates new blood and promote circulation.

39. Rheumatic pains in limbs relieved if the elixir taken morning and evening and apply compresses to aching members.

40. They heal frostbite in hands or feet, even opened, if applicable compresses as often as possible, especially at night.

41. In corns apply a soaked cotton and keep it moist. After three days calli are falling by their own or can be removed without pain.

42. also heals bites rabid dog or other animals, if taken internally since heal and destroy all poison. A moistened cloth applied to wounds.

43. For plague and other infectious diseases, to be administered repeatedly as it heals swellings and rashes plague even though they have reached the neck.

44. He who can not sleep at night takes a few drops before bedtime. For nervous sleeplessness a cloth soaked in a solution S.B. It applies to the part of the heart.

45. A drunk can sober up immediately with two tablespoons.

46. ​​Whoever gets S.B. morning and evening, every day do not need another medicine because it strengthens the body, stimulates the nerves and the blood, removes hands and legs trembling. Briefly remove any illness. The body stays flexible, face new and nice.

External use

Infuse cotton or gauze with RoyalSchweden Bitter and apply to the affected area, which we have previously covered with a fatty ointment. Then cover with a piece of plastic film in order not to dirty clothes and wrap it all with a bandage. The compress should remain in the area at least 2 hours and if tolerated can be left overnight. When removed, poudraroume skin with talcum powder.

If someone with sensitive skin, irritation present, should avoid compresses or at the discretion of its use for a shorter period. People allergic to plastic can not use it.



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Royal Original Schweden Bitter Life Elixir 700ml - will help you to a host of problems

Royal Original Schweden Bitter Life Elixir 700ml - will help you to a host of problems

Royal Original Schweden Bitter Life Elixir 700ml - will help you to a host of problems

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