Bayer Bepanthol Sensiderm Eczema cream 50gr - Cream for the relief of pruritus and redness

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Bayer Bepanthol Sensiderm Eczema cream 50gr - Cream for the relief of pruritus and redness

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Bepanthol® Sensiderm Eczema
Bepanthol® Sensiderm Eczema is a specially formulated cream that provides clinically proven relief from pruritus (itching) and erythema that can be caused by skin irritations such as eczema / atopic dermatitis, severe dry skin, allergic skin reactions.1-2

Eczema is a general term for dry and inflammatory skin, often caused by atopic dermatitis but also by other conditions3.

Atopic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis and contact dermatitis are skin diseases accompanied by erythema and intense pruritus3.

Particularly in atopic dermatitis, which is a skin disease that occurs with high incidence in infants, infants and children, pruritus is particularly intense and persistent, thus affecting the quality of life of the patient3.

What is really happening on atopic skin, why is itching and what should we do to stop it?

Simply put, in the atopic skin, the epidermal barrier is disturbed, and is less coherent. This results in continuous transdermal water loss, which causes the skin to dry, while at the same time irritants and allergens enter the epidermis through the "defective" skin barrier. When the brain perceives the "intruders", it activates the mechanism of itching (itching). In fact, pruritus is the weapon our body has to remove from our skin any substance it considers dangerous. Scratching because of pruritus is even more irritating to the already disturbed epidermal barrier, and this leads to a situation known as the "Foul Pain-Scratch Cycle" 4. So to stop it, we need to repair the skin barrier5.

Figure adjusted by Yosipovitch G, Papoiu ADP. What causes itch in atopic dermatitis? Curr Allergy Asthma Rep. 2008; 8: 306-311.
Skin conditions such as atopic eczema / atopic dermatitis, allergic reactions, very severe dry skin dermatitis, etc have as a common feature the disturbed epidermal barrier and itching, others in the larger and the others to a lesser extent.

Bepanthol® Sensiderm Eczema, due to its special composition and its mechanism of action, restores the epidermal barrier, proven to relieve itching in 30 minutes of application, offers lasting hydration and enhanced skin rejuvenation1-2.

Composition and Mechanism of Action
Bepanthol® Sensiderm Eczema contains1

Lipids in horseshoe layers just like those of healthy skin.
Probetamine B5
Bepanthol® Sensiderm Eczema provides skin lipids similar to those of the stratum corneum. In this way it smooths the hyaline lipid structure of the epidermis, improves dryness, and then pruritus, contributing substantially to improving the functioning of the epidermal barrier during the treatment of atopic dermatitis1,6,7.

Provitamin B5 or dexpanthenol, after absorption from the skin, is converted into pharmacologically active pantothenic acid which is essential for the biosynthesis of skin lipids. This increases the hydration of the stratum corneum and reduces the percutaneous loss of water, thus keeping the skin hydrated8-11.

Finally, glycerin accumulates throughout the thickness of the stratum corneum by blocking and retaining water therein, thereby providing long-lasting hydration.

Bepanthol® Sensiderm Eczema stops the vicious cycle of itching and scratches and repairs the disturbed epidermal barrier of the affected skin.1-2


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Bayer Bepanthol Sensiderm Eczema cream 50gr - Cream for the relief of pruritus and redness

Bayer Bepanthol Sensiderm Eczema cream 50gr - Cream for the relief of pruritus and redness

Bayer Bepanthol Sensiderm Eczema cream 50gr - Cream for the relief of pruritus and redness

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