Ethereal Nature Solidago virgaurea dried herb 100gr - Natural healing herb

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Ethereal Nature Solidago virgaurea dried herb 100gr - Natural healing herb

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Goldberg or Solidago (Solidago virgaurea - goldenrod) is a beautiful perennial plant that reaches a height of 20 to 100 centimeters. It is grown in clearing forests, at the edges of the streets, in forests, in lowland and mountainous areas. The name Solidago comes from the word solido, which means "join" and refers to the healing properties that gave it.

In America there is a variety of golden roots for which the natives knew their anti-inflammatory properties. They produced from it a lotion that they used in bee stings. They also used it as a healing agent for the irritated throat. The Arabs cultivated the plant and used it as a healing herb for centuries. The type of Solidtago used in Europe was introduced to Great Britain from the Middle East and its original name was "the herb of the infirm" for the use of the Saracens for the healing of the wounds. In the 15th and 16th centuries in Europe they used it for the same purpose. Culpepper reports the use of the herb to fix the loose teeth and to treat nephrolithiasis. In traditional medicine over the years, Sologego has been used to treat tuberculosis, diabetes, hepatomegaly, gout, hemorrhoids, asthma. It also consisted of rheumatic diseases, inflammations of the mouth and throat, and in cases of slow wound healing.

In modern herbal medicine, Soilango is considered to be a safe herb for many different diseases. Therapists appreciate that it acts as an anti-reflux, antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, asthma, diaphoretic, light diuretic, antipyretic and tonic. Sondagogo's perceived ability to act as a mild diuretic and to promote body water loss without disturbing electrolytes like diuretics makes it an excellent herb for the treatment of urinary tract infections and the prevention or removal of kidney stones . At the same time, it is thought to relieve the back pain that occurs in these conditions. Laboratory studies have found that the herb helps reduce inflammation and relieves muscle pain, reduces blood pressure and has antioxidant activity. The astringent property of the plant makes it useful as a haemostatic for wounds that bleed. Erythrine containing anti-capillary bleeding and phenolic glycosides act as anti-inflammatory. Its healing effect is valuable when taken internally in urinary tract infections, chronic obstruction, skin diseases, flu, persistent cough, and stones in the bladder and kidneys. In topical applications, gold-plated catwalks help heal wounds and relieve skin conditions such as eczema. It is considered to be the best herb for the fall of the upper respiratory tract, acute or chronic, and can be used in combination with other herbs to treat influenza. Its sparing properties make it valuable in the treatment of nasal dyspepsia. It is combined with Gnafalios, Echinacea, Herbacea and Baptisia for the upper respiratory tract. Due to its mild action, Soligtago is used in children's gastroenteritis problems. The saponins it contains have antifungal activity and act against a fungus that is responsible for oral amphibians.
It is very good for mouthwashing problems of abdominal or stomatitis, as well as a problem of laryngitis or pharyngitis.

The herb has similar uses in homeopathic medicine. According to the well-known botanist Maria Tremben, all our feelings are related to the kidneys. Consequently, the kidneys are more affected than any other organ by an emotional shock such as a death or any other accident. Soiltaggo has proven to be a remarkable healing plant and has a positive effect on our emotional state. So we need to drink it in cases of emotional disappointment or emotional pressure. As Trebben says, the soothing effect of the plant is like a sedative.

Prepare as an infusion by spraying 2-3 teaspoons of dried herb tea into a cup of boiling water and cover it for 10-15 minutes. We suck and drink 3 times a day. The dose for children is 1/3 of the adults. In tincture we take 2-4 ml daily. When we use the herb, we drink plenty of water all day long.

Soligango is generally considered a safe herb. Some people may experience a mild allergic reaction to the plant. Do not use pregnant or breastfeeding people and people with impaired cardiac or renal function. We do not use it in open wounds.

Herbs are and should be treated as medicines. We do not support self-healing and we advise you to visiti a doctor before any decision.


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Ethereal Nature Solidago virgaurea dried herb 100gr - Natural healing herb

Ethereal Nature Solidago virgaurea dried herb 100gr - Natural healing herb

Ethereal Nature Solidago virgaurea dried herb 100gr - Natural healing herb

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