Silicone Cupping Pumps Small size 1piece - Silicon Cupping Pump Small

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Silicone Cupping Pumps Small size 1piece - Silicon Cupping Pump Small

Diameter 3.8cm

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Silicon Cupping Pumps

Press on the top of the surface and apply it to the skin.

Therapeutic massage with cups is an ancient method, references to which are still in the texts of Hippocrates and are actively practiced to this day.


  •     Gradual facial tightening and recovery
  •     Cleansing of standing fluids
  •     Detoxification / deep cleansing
  •     Reduced appearance and prevention of facial and wrinkle lines
  •     It softens muscle stiffness

Price per piece

Available in four sizes:

Very small, for eye area - 1.5 cm in diameter.

Small, for use on small surfaces, suitable for face - 3.8 cm.

Medium, for general use - 5.5 cm in diameter.

Large, for use on large surfaces such as trunk and thighs - 7 cm in diameter.

Ideally, when massaging you should use and lotion or lubricant cream for massage to scroll on the body without getting up.

1 piece.

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