The right makeup , highlights the possible features of a smart woman and covers skin imperfections as long as there is a careful and proper selection of products to be used.

The clean skin , regular exfoliation and natural selection of the appropriate daily care & moisturizing cream form the basis for a glamorous and impressive result.

Some basic tips of skincare & makeup are set out below and will enable us to successfully choose what we need and finally be satisfied with the outcome :

Properly prepared skin : The skin cleansing is essential to start the makeup . We choose a right cleanser according to our skin type and what pleases us : Cleansing emulsion used with cotton , especially for dry & sensitive skin , cleansing milk with water used for those wanting a soothing product with milky texture but you can rinse it with water , liquid foaming gel especially for mixed and oily skin which needs a fresh and a matte effect , lotion - water cleansing facial and eye (micellar) lotion for quick and efficient cleaning especially when we have time , we travel or we stay up and we can not be diligent ... A key criterion for our selection is what pleases us to use . There are cleansing milks non fat as well as cleansing lotions with water which cater the sensitive skin . But always take into account the needs of the skin !

Properly hydrated skin : In order to achieve a uniform and bright makeup , you should always have a properly laid on moisturizer . The selection will be done again based on the needs of the skin. Of course , we do not offer hydration to the skin only when it comes to make up but daily , even twice a day if needed. The choice of a moisturizing mask restores moisture level very quickly especially if the skin is dehydrated. Many times we confuse skin type with the condition. And this is wrong . Even an oily skin is dehydrated. What is needed is the cream and the moisturizing mask to be of  very thin texture that is absorbed thoroughly and leaves fresh and dewy skin .

The choice of foundation: Choosing the foundation- the make up has prevailed as to say - again based on the type and skin needs but also practicality . Flowable liquid crystal make up, moisturizing and rich satin textures , compact 3 in 1 ( cream - powders ) in various types for quick and for a makeup in minutes ! Powders for dry velvet skin , sheer or compact powder for mixed - oily skin .

When selecting liquid make up: Select the right tone by trying a small amount to face and not on the hand . If the make up you choose has a ton lighter shade or if bronzing colour resulted  because of summer vacation it is very easy to catch up with a darker powder and even better with a powder coating for a terracotta bronze finish which is essential for the toiletry bag after and is used as a blush and as an all over the face make up, leaving skin tanned and glowing. By using a large powder brush , spread with long sharp little and erasing type and gently moves giving special attention to the contour point which joins  the neck . 

To achieve uniformity , " shake " soft brush to " leave " the excess and not create the so called ' patches '. The choice of color should be careful because unfortunately the dark shade can not be covered so easily with the corresponding choice of pale powder , the difference is great and in the region of the face and neck creates the "mask" effect .

When choosing powder: The powder is applied alone or above the liquid make up. When used with liquid make up, it should be applied with a brush and a little amount to have a natural and beautiful result and not a busy and tired face .

When you use the powder alone , we can apply it with a compact sponge dabbing , and not " rubbing " - so that we can " fill " and cover fine lines and pores without appearing dull and with an overly powdered face.

When selecting 3 in 1 compact make up: These products are easy to use , fast, become powders and leave velvety skin while you do not have to buy a separate eye concealer . Spread with the specific compact sponge (which is always contained in the package) which can soak inwater and drain well to apply more product easily and make the whole action more economical since it absorbs ( the sponge ) much less quantity !

People with skin which look blush should choose yellowish shades to cover the redness and people with pale skin should select rosy shades that have a more healthy appearance .

Eye Makeup : Proper hydration of very delicate eye area is very important and should be chosen very carefully via the right skin care cream . Subtle textures in gel with main ingredient the caffeine and tea stimulate provide pleasant feeling , rich creams with a velvety delicate styles groom and soothe the sensitive area .

Purification Eye : Liquid lotion , lotion 2 phase with drying oils , emulsions or gels , there are many choices for a good cleaning of the eye area . You should remove the makeup  gently and compress ( allowing for slightly above the eyes ) and not rubbing and harrying the fragile region. Also very strong cleansers and those containing oil should be flushed with water to not " put weight on " the skin .

Concealer: In compact form , in stick, liquid (tube with a brush ) helps in the " disappearance" of dark circles and other imperfections of the other persons . Implement carefully and pat to cover the area you need . The choice should be very careful , a ton lighter shade because with an option too light you will not achieve  good results. On top of the concealer, apply powder to stabilize the makeup but also to " tie " in harmony with the makeup on the rest of the face . Avoid using plain concealer locally without using any makeup first. The powder should be applied very carefully with a special brush (and a little amount of powder ) that will " caress " the area around the eyes without emphasizes fine lines all have.

The flawless eye skin  is necessary for a striking makeup and special dinner that is extremely challenging !

The Shadow : In powder, form compact, liquid , shadows beautifully accentuate the eye shine area .

Smokey eyes look: ( a choice for a night out ) . Apply an neutral shade - base. We emphasize the outline of the eyes with a soft dark eyeliner starting very close to the root of the lash . Also spread a dark shadow ( dark - gray or blue-black) throughout the upper lid from inside the eye to the outside in a direction upward thereby creating a gentle angle .

The intense eye makeup requires softest lips and vice versa .

Nude look: ( natural look for all hours ) : Soft shadows illuminating look around the eyelid or in combination with a darker shade on the outer corner, offering a bright , natural and safe results !

The eye liner: With a brush or pen form , the all time classic eye liner is favorite makeup product that offers attractive result . But it requires a steady hand and several rehearsals before the final implementation. Apart from the usual black , colors like silver , gray, brown and purple & green have won their audience

Mascara: Waterproof or simple , for volume or length, mascara is your favorite accessories (with lipstick ) as many times has worn completely alone ! Some product layer give tension and mystery ... Even a "pass" is necessary. If you want other layers and then you try to repeat just before the former dry !

Eyeliner : soft pencil on the inside of the eye , harder to be worn as eye liner, mechanical or classical (those with good old pencil sharpener ) eye pencils are necessary for even the most simple makeup . All time classic Black and various other colors make us more beautiful ! Dark colors look sexy and mysterious , gold sparkle in the eye , light-colored pencils produce cool and a restful effect.

Blush : Peach shades for a natural cool effect , coral and bronze colors give an attractive result , pink blush give a fresh finish ... We emphasize the cheekbones with a suitable brush for blush - preferably " narrow" to help us to " cut " when we want to achieve a more rigorous and angular result . We emphasize the ' apples ' with peach - color - especially for a full health and fresh finish.

San blush can be worn and bronze powders - the so-called terracotta- set apart from the cheekbone area , can be worn over the face , continuing and gently erasing the neck and décolletage . Very relaxing effect that flatters especially during the summer months . Also , various transparent powders for the face and body give golden or silver luster for formal and special nights out !

The Makeup Lip : Lip stick ( lipstick ), lip gloss make your lips irresistible and delicious ! But it is essential to choose colors that match the occasion , and to " tie up " with the rest of our look . When we emphasize strongly the lips , we choose a more moderate eye makeup . When rouge is our coral - orange the lipstick will be of the same tones . When we are in blush tones pink - purple, the lip makeup should be of  matching manner...

For shapely lips , use a pencil to outline the corresponding color. Very convenient option a neutral nude color that more or less fits all basic soft colors . It is not the right choice if our lipliner is much darker than the lipstick or our lip gloss. Also, to form the contour of the lips out of the natural shape for more volume (for minora ) requires special attention so as not to be the result of error and of unaesthetism ...

The perfect lip make up should be done with a lipstick brush which " fills " the lips by applying professional product.


Small tips:

- Proper selection of foundation ( make up liquid or powder ) requires sampling of the product on the face and not on hands . The lighting should also be correct.

- The too light concealer ( for dark circles ) has no satisfactory result . They should be carefully selected and a ton lighter than the color of our skin .

- For longevity and a beautiful effect , we spread the foundation on our lips so that we do not have the ugly effect of " cuticles ". That way the color of the lipstick or lip gloss will be really lovely and just what wehave chosen !

- Our lips should be moisturized . Select a  lip butter product- cocoa butter as it is known (in stick or different form ) not only for good looks but also for comfort and to avoid ' popping '.

- For " full " lips prefer translucent pearly lipstick and a juicy lip gloss!

- The smokey look is special for evening and special occasions. It requires time and some rehearsals (for the first time) before applying .

- The eye makeup and especially the smokey, requires very well shaped eyebrows .

- The mascara is absolutely personal and accessories should be used exclusively by its single owner ! It is very easy with use to spread germs ( as a conjunctivitis ) . Also make sure to clean the mascara from any eyelashes or collected material that has dried . Close tightly  and carefully the product  .

- Especially for the morning prefer mascara colors beyond the classic black and shades of purple , brown , blue-black to brighten the look, showing more restful .

- For sparkle in the eyes , use an iridescent highlight ( gold or silver) shadow of the brow arch ( underneath of course! )

- For restful look use white or other light colored eye pencil inside the eye .

- The natural makeup will guarantee a safe outcome and a more healthy and relaxed look.

- The make up brushes are our tools ! But it should be clear that these will not be a source of microbes due to repeated use. We try to use them only when we need them and we keep them in a toiletry bag . A proper way to clean them is a good pass ( around and inside ) with thick absorbent paper ( kitchen ) which we infuse in simple white alcohol-it cleans without drying the brush and altering its shape. Moreover it dries quickly without favoring microbial growth due to moisture- common if you wash with soap and water .


 Gavriiloglou Litsa,

Beautician consultant-Specialist