Race and rally drivers are motorsport athletes and athletes need to have support on a multitude of sectors .


Initially , proper preparation and psychological preparedness are of the most important factors in achieving good performance , ie a faster time on the turns of a circuit or on a special stage.


From then on, however, a very important factor for achieving a top performance is the natural state of the driver - athlete.


To maintain the capacity and the high level of concentration and attention required by the driver, he or she should be in good physical condition.


This implies that he or she is doing the proper workout before the race and during the period of break between the races/rallies.


As each and every athlete , so the racing driver/ rally driver needs proper nutrition and hydration during the preparation course and also before and during the race-rally as well of course  during the recovery of the body after the race-rally.


The pharmacist and champion rally driver Zachos Vaggelees, has , with the excellent guidance of the famous professional triathlete coach , Vasileio Krommyda (www.coachingservices.gr) the following products to complete your preparation in any type of turn , uphill or downhill track or Special Stage ...