Some valuable tips on the proper use and selection of sunscreens :

The choice of sunscreen should be based on the type of skin ( the light skin have a higher sensitivity compared to darker ) , age ( babies and children are particularly sensitive to sun exposure .

Studies show that one or more sunburns , the child or adolescent , increase the rate of melanoma , which is a very common and deadly form of skin cancer . Also after the age of 30 in the basal layer of the skin there is a reduction in the number of melanocytes . For this reason , growing up , tans more difficult . The density of melanosomes , however, increases with age resulting in unevenly distributed melanin and appear on the surface of the skin known as freckles or sunspots . The time of exposure to sunlight ( for example if you choose to stay for more than half time in the sun , it is advisable to opt for a sunscreen with SPF SPF 15, which will protect our skin while preventing burning and the blushing .

If our activities under the sun are more then sunscreen should have a greater protection factor , eg SPF 30), the specificity of our skin (for example if you have acne or some other skin condition generates automatically particular needs for protection from the sun ).

When you are under any treatment , you should consult your doctor before embarking on vacation because some drugs are dangerous , combined with exposure to sunlight.


For a more efficient use of our sunscreen it is better to:


- Have applied the appropriate amount of sunscreen to the skin half an hour before the exposure to sunlight, while every two hours it is necessary to repeat the application.

- Do not forget to spread to all parts of the body , especially the legs , arms and face.

- Always check the expiry date of sunscreen and if it has passed to replace it with a new one.

- Use the right amount to protect our skin .

- Remember that after the sea-pool bath you should spread again the same amount of sunscreen even if on its packaging indicates that our sunscreen is waterproof.

- Apply our lips with a moisturizing lip-balm with SPF because our lips have the same needs as our skin .


Do we know that it is not enough to use only the right sunscreen for protection from solar

 radiation but is also necessary to be taking other measures such as for example to wear a hat and sunglasses to hydrate our body by drinking plenty of fluids , stay away from the sun during peak hours ( between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. ) .

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