With every purchase  completed, you join the loyalty program market that translates into winning points depending on the amount of your order. There is no cost to you and everything is done automatically, and any time you can check the points you have earned. In any future purchase you can redeem the points you have a discount coupon.

In fact :

- For each 10 € Order earn points . eg at 42 € match 4 credits.

- Each point is converted to 0,25 € the coupon.

For example, the four points above correspond to a Euro basket.   


Convert points to basket

To use the coupon you will need to convert the points you 've earned from every purchase. Go to your account page to the store and click on ' Loyalty Points '.
There you will see all your gained points from previous orders and the total points you have at the moment.
If you have some points you will see the option for conversion of points to a discount voucher . Click and activate a coupon which is valid for one year and then you will be resetting at the same time your existing points . 

Use coupon at future market

Each coupon can be used on any future purchase .Once you have finished selecting products , go into your store and click on ' Coupons ' .
Here you can see what coupons you have earned points from conversions or other promotions the store.
Note the coupon code you want to use, and then you have to click on your ' Cart '.
There you will see at the bottom of the field you fill in the coupon code you will use. 
You can spend two more coupons in the same order!
By adding the code you will immediately see the discount in your cart order.