Ethereal Nature Chamomile Carrier oil 100ml - Chamomile oil base oil

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Ethereal Nature Chamomile Carrier oil 100ml - Chamomile oil base oil

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Chamomile Oil comes from the processing of the flowers of Matricaria recutita, which is better known as German Chamomile. It is a flower very common in Europe and Central Asia. As a herbal remedy, it has a long history, since its properties have been known since ancient Egyptian and Greek times.

Chamomile seems to have three very basic properties. It is considered anxiolytic, anticonvulsant and antibacterial. Its last property is the one that gives Chamomile oil a special place among vegetable oils. Chamomile oil is known to have a positive effect on irritated and very dry skin (dehydrated). It seems to effectively combat the factors that cause the skin "itchy", local irritations and "redness". Chamomile oil "calms" irritated skin and protects against local infections and fungal infections. It is also thought that Chamomile oil contributes to the treatment of tired, painful or "caught" muscles as well as to relief (with gentle massage) from rheumatic pains. It relaxes the body and faces the "tightening" of the muscles that is the result of everyday stress.

Chamomile oil is a valuable ingredient for skin moisturizing products, massage oils and soaps.

The Chamomile Oil that we offer comes from the immersion of dried chamomile flowers (organic cultivation) in 100% pure almond oil (infusion). It is prepared with the traditional "slow" method, as it takes 6 weeks to "ripen" it. It is 100% pure and contains no chemical ingredients.

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