Ethereal Nature Castor Oil (Carrier oil) 100ml - Ricinus Communis oil

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Ethereal Nature Castor Oil (Carrier oil) 100ml - Ricinus Communis oil

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Castor oil (Castor Oil) is derived from the processing of fruit (Castor Beans) plant Ricinus Communis. Traditionally used as "pharmaceutical" oil, since the time of Ancient Egypt.

Castor oil, due to the low molecular mass, characterized that penetrates the skin. In fact, and can penetrate the stratum corneum, the outer layer of the skin composed of dead cell ratio, which protects tissues from contamination and dehydration. The main component of castor oil (content of up to 95%), ricinoleic acid (Ricinoleic Acid), has a remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, while at the same time presents an analgesic activity. Due to its characteristics, Castor oil is considered ideal for deep cleansing and skincare. considered particularly suitable in cases of acne and eczema. This action is particularly effective in deep purification of sebum in softening hard blackheads and generally in treating pimples.

To Castor oil is particularly rich in Omega-9 fatty acids. These acids exhibit remarkable anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and therefore, in recent years, castor oil has become very popular to treat serious skin conditions such as e.g. It is acne. Furthermore, castor oil is a first order moisturizer as it has the ability to "trap" the skin moisture - preventing dehydration and premature aging.

According to some reports, Castor oil is said to help increase hair growth. Its use for this purpose is not widespread since due to the very "viscous" form is not easy to use. However, it is particularly popular in the treatment of eyebrows and eyelashes - more and more women use it for this purpose in recent years.

The Castor oil can be used in many cosmetic products such as soaps, lotion, lip balms, moisturizing creams and hair care products. It is one of the most popular oils soap manufacturers, beyond its moisturizing properties and creates great foam (commonly used in 5-10% ratio).

Use Castor alone or in combination of essential oils. Prefer for the care of dry, damaged and irritated skin.

The Castor oil we offer is 100% pure and contains no chemicals. It is of BP Grade and not simply cosmetic quality.


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Ethereal Nature Castor Oil (Carrier oil) 100ml - Ricinus Communis oil

Ethereal Nature Castor Oil (Carrier oil) 100ml - Ricinus Communis oil

Ethereal Nature Castor Oil (Carrier oil) 100ml - Ricinus Communis oil

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