Reduced price! Natural Doctor Anoson Joints supplement 60veg.caps - For healthy joints and cartilage

Natural Doctor Anoson Joints supplement 60veg.caps - For healthy joints and cartilage

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Natural Doctor Anoson Joints supplement 60veg.caps - For healthy joints and cartilage

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Capsules60 veg

Product Category: Natural Food Supplement

With UC-II (Undenaturated collagen) which is the only proven immunomodulatory collagen. Provides immunomodylatory support to human body.

ANOSON provides 4 targeted ingredients:

1.  UC-II collagen. It is a biologically active ingredient, patented by InterHealth Nutraceuticals, USA. UC-II is a glycosylated, undenatured collagen type II derived from cartilage chicken (sternum), meaning the collagen type which appears in the joints of human body. UC-II has not undergone a change in its molecular structure during the production process (non-enzymatic, low-temperature process), thus it retains its biological activity.

As we age and continue to put stress on our joints, we risk of damaging the joint cartilage which then exposes small collagen fibres found in the intercellular matrix liquid.

The body’s immune system mistakenly identifies these collagen fibers as "foreign cells" and triggers an inflammatory response against the collagen-containing cartilage in one's own joints, thus initiating inflammation and joint discomfort. UC-II is an ingredient with double role.

It provides active collagen type II to human body which is necessary for joint regeneration and, at the same time, it co-operates with the body's immune system to de-activate basic pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as interleukin-10 (IL-10), which are involved in joint inflammation. Preclinical and clinical studies support UC II's role:

·    Works naturally with your immune system to help joint health and mobility
·    Works for knees, hips, shoulders, hands, elbows, and ankles
·    2x more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin

2. Glucosamine. A naturally occurring amino sugar of human body, mainly found in the cartilage and plays an important role in good health and joint strength. To a less extent, glucosamine also appears in bones, and generally in all connective tissues.

Glucosamine is also a nutrient for proteoglycans, a basic element of joints, which together with collagen make joints function with flexibility and capable of absorbing high pressure, normally appearing in joints of knees and hip.

Glucosamine provides elasticity and volume to joints, thus offering mobility and smooth function to connective tissue. In normal joint cartilage, chondroitin sulphate is formed, by means of chondrocytes and by other cells found in the joint liquid, from a precursor amino sugar molecule, meaning glucosamine.

Glucosamine is considered to be the substrate for the synthesis of chondroitin sulphate, hyaluronic acid and for other joint macromolecules.

As we age, endogenous formation of glucosamine is reduced, thus the supplemental intake of this ingredient becomes a necessity.

3. Niacinamide. A vitamin which contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and to the production and excretion of intercellular substance (glycosaminoglycans, collagen non-collagen proteins) from chondrocytes, thus supporting good bone and joint health.

More specifically, niacinamide has been proposed to deactivate the biological activity of IL-1 which results in the suppression of all inflammatory responses caused by by IL-1, including those involved in the induction of nitric oxide (NO), thus efficiently contributing to repairing/regenerating joint cartilage, resulting in decreased inflammation.

4. Methyl sulfonyl methane (ΜSM).  A sulfur compound found in a variety of food.  Human body uses this ingredient as a source of organic sulfur, a mineral which participates in the formation of connective tissue, such as in the formation of: joint cartilage, amino acids and functional proteins, etc.

Furthermore, MSM plays an important role in the catalytic function of various enzymes which work together with glutathione in the antioxidant protection system of our organism.

Registered in Greece at National Organization of Medicines:Nr 105557/10-12-2014.
Produced in EU.

Content: 60 vegetable capsules Active ingredient Per daily dose
(2 capsules) Collagen (UC-II) (contains 25% undenatured collagen from chicken cartilage) 40 mg Glucosamine sulphate (2KCL),
of which: pure glucosamine sulphate          400 mg
300 mg (Methyl sulfonyl methane [MSM]) 500 mg Niacinamide (Vitamin Β3) 200 mg (1250% RDA) R.D.A.: Recommended Daily Allowance
Οther ingredients: capsule shell, vegetable cellulose.

Free from: colourings, sweeteners, allergens of wheat,
yeast, corn, soy or milk.
Serving:Take 2 capsules daily or according to the
directions of your doctor.

Registered in Greece at National Organization for
Medicines: Nr 105557/10-12-2014.
Produced in EU.

60 veg. caps.

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Natural Doctor Anoson Joints supplement 60veg.caps - For healthy joints and cartilage

Natural Doctor Anoson Joints supplement 60veg.caps - For healthy joints and cartilage

Natural Doctor Anoson Joints supplement 60veg.caps - For healthy joints and cartilage

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