Reduced price! Meditrina Struviren (L-Methionine 500mg) 60tabs - Μεθειονίνη σε μορφή δισκίων

Meditrina Struviren (L-Methionine 500mg) 60tabs - Methionine in tablet form

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Meditrina Struviren (L-Methionine 500mg) 60tabs - Methionine in tablet form

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Methionine in tablet form. Dietary food for special medical purposes.


Methionine is one of the eight essential amino acids, structural components of proteins. As the body can not synthesize methionine, a sufficient intake of this amino acid through diet or supplement is of particular importance, as methionine is a precursor with an important role in the synthesis of other sulfur-containing amino acids, compounds of which participate in many functions of the organism.


1.Composition of ingredients necessary for the operation of our organism

L-methionine has a significant influence on many functions within the body as one of the building blocks for various critical proteins and hormones. L-carnitine, essential for energy metabolism of the body and transport of long chain fatty acids to the cells through the mitochondrial membrane, is synthesized by methionine. Also, methionine contributes to the synthesis of adrenaline, choline, an important component for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and melatonin, essential for maintaining the sleep cycle. Methionine, a precursor of the L-cysteine ​​and L-taurine sulphurous amino acid, is also essential for the synthesis of these substances.

2. Antioxidant action

L-methionine has antioxidant properties to protect the body from toxic substances and harmful free radicals with which it reacts, thus preventing the destruction of other substances or cells. L-methionine also supports the production of glutathione, a cell antioxidant and therefore helps in natural detoxification processes.

Nutritional Requirements - Safety

Since methionine can not be produced by the body itself, it is necessary to ensure food intake or supplementation. Although no recommended daily intake for amino acids has been formally established, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the daily recommended methionine requirements are about 10mg per kilogram of body weight. Daily intake of up to 2g is considered safe, with no effect on the body. Deficiency of L-methionine can cause or aggravate depression, the occurrence of allergies and lead to an excess of toxins in the body. However, further investigations are required to substantiate the effects of lack of the ingredient in the body.

Benefit from Beneficial Intake of Methionine Supplements


Methionine strengthens the nails and helps to fight hair loss. 9. Because of its ability to form sulfite chains, which in turn are linked together, methionine is able to enhance the structure of the hair and nails 1. In a published study, presented at a dermatology conference in Florence in 2006, it was found that the amount of hair found to be in growth was significantly higher in the group of methionine, amino acids and B vitamins with control group 2. Methionine also has a beneficial effect on maintaining hair color, as a study of a reduction in methionine levels has been associated with gray hair, because methionine deficiency may lead to accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles, in decreasing the effectiveness of tyrosinase and the gradual loss of hair color. 3 It is important to ensure adequate intake of this vital substance for good hair condition.

Methionine is an important element in the formation of cartilage

The cartilage of the joints requires divine creation. If there is not enough sulfur available to the body, it can have negative consequences for healthy people in the long run. People suffering from arthritis may experience adverse effects such as a prolonged healing process for damaged tissue if there is a deficiency of sulfur at the onset of the disease. Studies have shown that cartilage of healthy subjects contains about three times more sulfur than cartilage of patients with arthritis 4.

Fluid retention

The body's ability to secrete substances through urine is affected by the amount of L-methionine in the body and a deficiency can lead to problems in this area, such as fluid retention and edema. According to research, as L-methionine leads, among other things, to increased urine acidity, it can be used effectively to prevent urinary tract infections, such as E. coli, which is usually responsible for cystitis, because it can not survive in an acidic environment. A 2002 study showed that the additional consumption of supplements containing L-methionine can significantly reduce the tendency for urinary tract infections 5.


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Meditrina Struviren (L-Methionine 500mg) 60tabs - Methionine in tablet form

Meditrina Struviren (L-Methionine 500mg) 60tabs - Methionine in tablet form

Meditrina Struviren (L-Methionine 500mg) 60tabs - Methionine in tablet form

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