Deligios Stevia powder 300gr - Herbal sweetener

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Deligios Stevia powder 300gr - Herbal sweetener

Natural sweetener with excellent taste 

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The perfect alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Comes from selected parts of the stevia plant, Deligios created a unique sugar substitute 100 % natural , great tasting , no calories .A spoonful Deligios Stevia sweetens as a spoonful of sugar , without metallic aftertaste or excessive sweetness . You can easily use the natural sweetener Deligios Stevia anywhere you would use sugar , without having to adjust the quantities in drinks , fruit salads , cereals etc.

Ideal for recipes, thanks to its unique characteristics - sweetness , appearance and volume are similar to those of sugar. See our delicious recipes with Deligios Stevia natural sweetener and read some practical tips for use in desserts .Perfect alternative for those who adopt a healthier lifestyle by reducing calories and sugar naturally. Suitable for diabetics , since natural sweetener Deligios Stevia not at all raises blood sugar ( glycemic index is zero) .
The great taste of natural sweetener Deligios Stevia comes from the leaves of the stevia plant .Water. Nutrients tangible earth. Sunny . These are the elements that go into the stevia plant . Then nature employs magic and creates a lovely sweet flavor .Then, the dried stevia leaves steeped in water by a process similar with the one we make tea . This releases the sweeter components of the leaf , showing the Stevia extract with the highest purity (97 %) and the best flavor without calories . This steviol glycoside , known as Reb A, is what gives the Deligios Stevia natural sweetener its great taste .

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