Green Canderel Stevia 100tabs - Stevia Sweetener

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Green Canderel Stevia 100tabs - Stevia Sweetener 

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Low -calorie alternative to sugar sweetened herbal (Stevia rebaudiana).

The plant Stevia ( from South America , used for the sweetening capacity for hundreds of years .

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies Stevia secure category GRASS.

1 tablet = 1 teaspoon of sugar , with 0 calories !

The Stevia rebaudiana is known for its sweet taste and is used worldwide as an herbal dietary supplement that replaces sugar in people who have trouble with it, such as diabetic and overweight .

The sensation of sweetness Stevia occurs more slowly than sugar , but has a longer duration .

The extract according to the literature , can be present up to 300 times more sweetness than sugar , while simultaneously the calorie content reaches zero and its effect on blood glucose is negligible .

Stevia has a positive effect on the body mainly as an antioxidant due to flavonoids and chlorophyll contained in the composition and then as a dietary supplement for type 2 diabetes .

The E.F.S.A. (European Food Safety Authority) , in April 2010 , announced that toxicological glycosides ( stevioside and rebaudioside ) Stevia plant is completely safe for human health.

Daily dosage provides 4mg per kgbw / day .

(EFSA Journal 2010; 8 (4): 1537, retains its nutrients even at a temperature of +200 OC.

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Green Canderel Stevia 100tabs - Stevia Sweetener

Green Canderel Stevia 100tabs - Stevia Sweetener

Green Canderel Stevia 100tabs - Stevia Sweetener 

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