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Diabetic foot
Diabetic Foot : Understand the problemDiabetic foot is one of the most common and serious complications of diabetes ( high blood sugar ) . The majority of people suffering from Diabetes Mellitus (Type I & II ) is not sufficiently informed about their illness or the potential consequences of diabetes their feet.The three main diseases caused due to diabetes and affect foot health are:Sensory neuropathy : Recognize the symptoms Reducing the sensation of heat or cold Reducing the sensation of pain This occurs due to damage of the sensory nerve.Result: Diabetic patients do not feel the pressure caused by shoes that do not apply correctly. There may also be aware of the existence or wounds a stone in the shoe , which would cause pain or discomfort in a non -diabetic individual.Diabetic angiopathy : Recognize the symptoms Poor blood circulation in the legs Cold and black legs Atrophy ( thinning ) of the skin Intense pain perception even when dealing with a slight injury Frequent pain in the calves when walkingThose diabetics suffering from vascular disease often suffer from fungal infections of the skin of the feet ( dermatomycosis ) or nails ( onychomycosis ) due to an increased tendency to infection and immune deficiency . Usually , diabetic foot syndrome occurs a combination neuropathy and angiopathy .Autonomic neuropathy : Recognize the symptoms Disturbance in sweating ( anidrosia ) . intense dryness Chronic dryness existence in the diabetic foot without proper care , leading in many cases to cracking of the skin posing a risk of developing ulcers. ' Ulcers do not heal easily which may lead in extreme cases even amputation .Important! Prevention and proper counseling by the physician but also an initiative by the same diabetic patient is extremely important. Source : Natura Pharm
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