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Cracks in the legs : Understand the problem Hydration plays a catalytic role in the health and appearance of the feet, as a significant proportion of the body and thus our skin is composed of water. Mean skin moisturized skin healthy , supple , smooth. In contrast , skin with impaired the natural balance and lipid moisture displays dryness, loss of elasticity and then cracks ( fissures ) , particularly on the heel and the front of the foot (metatarsal ) . Result: If the cracks meet casually , they quickly turn into trauma and hence a gateway microbes. The dryness and cracking of the skin due to various factors such as: dehydration normal aging Disorders of disease (eg diabetes ) Poor blood circulation skin diseases Irritation from chemicals or frequent temperature fluctuations Excessive pressure in the leg There are two types of stretching : Hard - Dry Stretch marks : They are the most common phenomenon encountered by podiatrists . The loss of elasticity leads to cracking dry - tearing the skin. Soft stretch marks : often found in people who suffer from excessive sweating ( hyperhidrosis ) due to wear special shoes to work, where the legs are not sufficiently ventilated through accommodation of feet in environments with intense moisture or due to a fungal infection. Showing between the toes or on the sole of the foot. Dry skin : Recognize the symptoms Dry, sensitive and flaking skin Hard - dry fissures, ie cracks in the skin , which rapidly becomes particularly painful points of the foot that receive the greatest pressure as the heel or the front part of the foot (metatarsal ) Soft stretch marks especially between the toes Important! The dryness is not just about aesthetics but mainly health issues toes. Source : naturapharm.gr

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