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Foot-Nail fungus treatment
Foot Fungus : Understand the problemCandida is the most common skin disease , making its appearance in 26% of Greeks. This disease is also known as " athlete's foot ", as athletes are more susceptible to fungi .Ideal environment for mold growth : hot environments moisture inadequate ventilation For this reason the environment of closed shoes , contributes significantly to the emergence and evolution of fungus on the feet.Distinguishing features of our organization or simple daily habits that contribute to the emergence of fungal infections are: Sweaty Feet Feet , not drying well after sport or bathroom at home Tight shoes The socks of synthetic materials Walking barefoot in public places ( such as gyms , swimming pools , hotel rooms, saunas, locker rooms ) Caution : These fungi are transmitted . Anyone can be infected by fungi , the most vulnerable groups , however, the elderly , athletes , diabetics and people who have chronic circulatory disorders or problems with their immune system .Apart from the skin , the fungi infect the nails. ( read more about fungus nail to " Nail Problems " ) .      Mycosis : Recognize the symptoms Redness , irritation , severe skin peeling Burning sensation , pain and pruritus ( itching ) between the fingers stench Gkrizoaspri " crusty " appearance of the skin Chalking or softening of the skin ( wound ) between the toes , soles and heels Dry bark , swelling, blisters, vesiclesImportant! Do not neglect the daily hygiene of the feet and nail .Source :
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