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Health and beauty go together !Especially for women , but equally essential for men, manicure , hands and feet are part of the basic care of our body. To our nails clean, beautiful and healthy should attend regularly , this " mirror" the health of our body.useful Tips Treat your nails regardless of sex and age. It's a small gift health to ourselves ! Equip yourself with the right tools & tonics polish. The basics are : Lima, scissors with rounded tips, tool for cuticles , nail clippers , nail file to polish nails. Should you wish to push cuticles , use special oil to soften the skin around the nail and products which strengthen nails and protect against infections. Be careful when pushing the " cuticle " in order not to damage the skin around the nail to prevent the emergence of outbreaks . Trust the experts! Put yourself in the hands of appropriate professionals for a correct treatment , which will benefit the health of your nails , and will bring beauty to the hands and feet. Completely remove residues varnish from your nails using polish remover with oil -free remover to avoid the hassle and damage the surface. Give natural shape your nails , following the shape of the finger. Use the nail file and scissors to slightly rounded corners of the nail so that they are not likely to penetrate the skin. Source : Natura Pharm
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