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Feet and shoes deodorants
Bad feet : Understand the problem      The scents stimulate your senses and affect the way we feel not only for others but also for ourselves. The sweat and foot odor do not let you feel comfortable, limiting your movements and " throwing " the mood of you and those around you .Bad breath is a common problem, which is not only a result of lack of cleanliness , but is integral to the physiological process of perspiration . More specifically, the excessive secretion of sweat generated inside the shoe heat and humidity. These conditions constitute the ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi. The combination of sweat and bacteria (or fungi) is the main cause of foot odor but also your shoes .Bad feet : Recognize the symptoms Constant , intense sweating in foot and between the toes Smelly feet, socks and shoes Burning and pruritus ( itching ) between the fingers (in case of fungal infection) useful Tips      Say " YES" ... In shoes made ​​of materials that " breathe " (fabric , leather ) . So your feet will ventilate more and sweat less. On daily, wash thoroughly (1-2 times daily) especially after exercise. In very good wiping your feet after washing especially between the toes. The microorganisms multiply rapidly in the moist environment between fingers . In absorbent socks (100 % cotton or wool ) which will change daily. If your feet sweat a lot , it is advisable to change socks one to two times a day. A special powder antimikytiasiaki "GEHWOL med Foot Powder" inside the sock or the shoe , keeping feet dry and healthy . The use of powder is necessary when wearing shoes without socks. In very good airing shoes at the end of the day. Especially if you are going to store them in the closet. Cleansers and refreshing foot baths with warm - not hot - water Say " NO" ... In stockings and shoes having synthetic In socks worn for a second day In shoes " polyforemena " that emits a foul odor In foods and beverages that cause sweating such as coffee , alcohol, spicy seasonings and overly salted foods Important! Bad breath is often a symptom of fungal infection that affects the feet . In conjunction with this infection or whatever , excessive sweating can play an important role in foot odor . So it is very important to keep sweating as stable as possible .Source : www.naturapharm.gr
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