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Pedicure Accessories-Nail colours
Problems Fingers : Understand the problemThese problems manifest as finger deformities , visible and easily recognizable , due to dysfunction of the muscles that hold the fingers.As the muscle contractions such disturbing affect the finger , making it " folds " , and deformed depending on the type of deformation specific diagnose gampsodaktylia or hammertoes . These problems can appear in all the fingers except the Great. Such situations can become very painful if you do not receive appropriate care. At an advanced stage , such a condition reaches even the extremely limited ability to move the finger , overburden walking and causing severe pain .Causes of the problems of the fingers can be: Muscle dysfunction Diabetes Neurological disorders such as: cerebral palsy multiple sclerosis rheumatoid arthritis Unsuitability of shoes The suitability of shoes we choose plays a vital role in protecting us from the problems of the fingers. Both very high heels, but as long and completely flat shoes are likely to affect muscles and cause this type of malfunction. It is worth noting that the majority of incidents listed are women, who are often " succumb " to shoes straining legs .Problems Fingers : Recognize the symptoms Persistent pain in the fingers , especially when they come in contact with the shoes Frequent cramps caused by poor function of the tendons of the foot Bumps on the front or top of the finger Hard skin and bumps presented on the soles due to strong pressure imposed by the muscles of the fingers due to dysfunction.Source :
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