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Tired Feet-Varicose veins
Many complain that their legs swell , tire easily and at night often suffer from cramps. Indeed, thighs and calves began to appear and tortuous veins , while the skin at these points begin to accrue a dark blue to black in color.One should be worried about all this? The answer is yes because these are signs that some changes occur in the venous system . And these changes appear as varicose veins , spider veins and varicose veins , making one in two adults to suffer ... for their sake .Varicose veins of the legs is an annoying problem that employs adults of all ages and especially women , as these 50% have varicose veins in the legs. When heredity or bad habits make the blood to pool in the legs , then the veins claim . What does this meanThat the veins stretch , lengthen abnormally , the wall thins and acquire their serpentine appearance. These are varicose veins , which is three times more frequent in women than in men alike , while about half of patients have parents with the same problem. Most susceptible are tall or overweight , pregnant and those who stand long hours standing .There are two types of veins : the primary and the secondary .In primary varicose veins the valves of surface veins are defective. Where the leg muscles are moved ( retracted ) , the blood is expelled from the veins located in the depth to the major veins leading to the heart , but also to the superficial veins . The latest necessarily argue like little tank of veins that are in the background.The secondary veins are the result of previous pathological condition, such as local thrombosis or injury, and are more frequent in the lower legs . Many times there is a failure to promote venous blood upward. Attitude is blood , the red cells are opened , hemoglobin comes out passes through the vein wall and decomposes in the surroundings .Source : http://www.newsbeast.gr/health/arthro/543112/i-adimetopisi-kai-i-prolipsi-ton-kirson/Tired legs : Recognize the symptoms Feet feverish , tired , heavy Sensitive skin with sores , blisters Dry skin, callused , " pitting " bad feet Susceptibility to fungi , infections Cramps when standing or walking useful Tips      Say " YES" ... In appropriate shoes and comfortable In ventilated shoe In good quality cotton socks In snow shoe soles In regular exercise , more of the lower limbs , especially for those whose work is sedentary In the market for shoes in the afternoon because then your feet are more " puffy " and so you will have less chance to choose shoe size smaller than what you really need Say " NO" ... At long use high-heeled shoes In long standing. " Xeklepste " little time for short rest breaks   Important! It should be understood that foot care is not a luxury but an imperative . And that grooming is not just a matter of aesthetics, but above all a matter of health . Source : naturapharm.gr
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