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Cracked heels
An extreme form of dry skin : why the heels of your feet can burst The dry skin can burst , especially in heels and when the surrounding skin is thick and rough. This is not good , as these cracks can become irritated and become very painful .The dry skin can result in cracks , especially in heelscracked heels The cracked heels is a common problem of the feet, especially as the elasticity decreases, ( usually with age ) . At first this may be nothing more than a nuisance and a cosmetic problem but when the fissures or cracks become too deep , which can occur if the foot care neglected, even standing up can be painful. Common cause of cracked heels : neglect foot careSome people tend to have naturally dry skin, which predisposes to cracks. Sometimes, the thick dry skin ( callus ) around the heel that is more likely to burst, can be caused by mechanical factors that increase pressure in this region ( eg walking , prolonged standing, open shoes ) Source :
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