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Calluses : Understand the problemCalluses , corns and hardening is the result of defensive reaction of the skin of the feet against the constant pressure and friction . Are mainly due to inappropriate shoes , ie shoes with narrow or high heels, poor construction with internal seams or lumps that do not properly apply the foot. More specifically , the constant pressure on the leg joints and often leads to increased blood circulation , which enhances the development process of the cells. As a result , the hard skin is formed , which grows with inner direction in a conical shape , creating a hard core. The usual form of so good a bulge in a circular , yellowish appearance . The constant friction between good shoe has lead both the outer skin irritation , second the internal hardening point , in order to resist the pressure on . Contrary to corns that are in the deeper layers of skin, callus relate only to surface hardening. Usually occur in the heel area , and many times in the front portion of the foot (metatarsal ) .Bunions : Recognize the symptoms Hard protrusion - hump - surface skin . Severe pain , caused by the pressure of the core on the nerves traverse the lower layers of the skin.
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